New warrior cats sites in the spotlight!

New warrior cats sites in the spotlight!

by Rainy

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats || This site has been around over a year, having celebrated its birthday on June 22nd, the same day as the creator's my birthday.

There are five Clans you can choose from, MorningClan clever and stealthy, GoldenClan brave and corageous, ShineClan swift and fierce, HeartClan wise and gentle, and PoppyClan sweet and generous.

The community is very kind and goofy; very fun to be around! It is active and gets posts every day, and it is checked daily as well. We are currently looking for more staff members and there are a few positions open! The plot has only recently started and there are many mini plots going on.

note; the site is possibly going through a revamp, and the Clan names may be different later on~! || If you were an avid roleplayer on wetpaint, then you might have heard of the site Lunastar's Quest, abbreviated LQ. It was one of the most popular, most roleplayed on warrior cats site on wetpaint. in the top ten on the wetpaint500 fachahhhh XD Yes, that's right, it was. LQ was unfortunately shut down by hacking, and tons of the members banded together and formed CTD. At first, it was just a remake of LQ, but it diverted and now has five Clans. DustClan, RushClan, NorthernClan, FawnClan, and KestrelClan. The staff are quite friendly and silly, and always know how to brighten spirits. Some positions are open, and applications are being held. Join today! 😀

The third site isn't at all mine, but I really want the word to get out there. is a great, very active warrior cats rpg site. you seriously won't regret joining. the staff there is so nice, along with the rest of the members. everything there is fair, and it is very drama free. join ittt 🙂

errrmmm bye now 😀 I hope you at least give them a look!

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