New York cat survives a ride around the city while stuck in engine of SUV

A Cohoes, New York cat is lucky to have survived a ride around the city while stuck in the engine of an SUV.

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Cheddar is believed to have snuck out from his owner when one of the son’s in the family took out the garbage last Sunday night.

Owner Keith Hancock warmed up the engine of his Dodge SUV and drove all over the city, including to two schools to drop off his kids then on to his workplace. The family had searched for Cheddar without success Monday morning.

When Keith arrived at work he heard meowing and thought a stray cat was in the area. He was surprised when he discovered the loudest meows came from around his car. Keith found Cheddar when he popped the hood. He described himself as going into a panic and driving very slowly to an autobody shop.

Cheddar was rescued by the people at Primeau’s Autobody in Cohoes, who had to take apart a lot of the engine. Keith’s 8-year-old son was notified while at school to let him know his cat was okay.

Cats love to curl up in a warm place (such as in the engine compartment) and often find themselves stuck. Others are unlucky and are injured or killed by the car fan belt/blade. It’s a good idea to not only beat on the hood but the actually raise it to ensure you don’t have a stowaway cat on board.

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