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  1. And still this nazi death camp known as the NYC ACC continues on, patting eachother on the back about what a great job they do.
    Executive director (an attorney), who makes 6 figure salary and rents executive office space on Park Ave.
    After running 3 years without a medical director they hire a vivisectionist with a horrid history. Animals are suffering and dying. Many left to languish suffering for days without proper treatment and then killed! Not humanely i may add. Unless injecting a cat in the stomach with lethal poison is considered humane? They do not sedate!
    Disease is running rampant and they refuse to build new shelters. Animals are being killed despite rescue, dying inside facility or shortly after leaving. NYC & NYS ignore the cries of the people across the nation …… and the murdering continues while they sell their propaganda to the people.

    • Thanks Carley for commenting. It is terrible. It is also ironic that NY state are debating the banning of declawing (a massive step in the banning of it nationwide) and as I recall NY city have a good TNR problem funded partially by the taxpayer.

      There appears to be not enough concern for the lives of unwanted cats in shelters. This is why not much changes over the years to bring down the numbers.

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