New York City: two cats found in snap sealed plastic buckets next to trash

The New York Police Department are investigating two incidents of cat cruelty. In both cases the cats were left inside snap sealed plastic buckets. The buckets were left near to trash. They were intended to be treated as trash.

You can see from the photograph the sort of bucket were talking about and the way that they were placed near other objects that were meant to be thrown away. In my experience these sorts of buckets are used to contain tradesman’s products such as paint or some other industrial product. They can be snapped very tightly shut.

Cat peers out from sealed bucket
Cat peers out from sealed bucket. Photo Animal Haven.
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In another photograph you can see one of the cats peering out from some sort of orifice in the top of the bucket. The photographs were taken by Animal Haven which is a non-profit animal shelter in New York City.

The buckets were left in the city’s SoHo neighbourhood.

Showing bucket containing cat abandoned near rubbish. Photo Animal Haven.

It seems amazing or very lucky that somebody decided to check the buckets because from a distance I don’t think you would normally bother as they look like rubbish. It seems that one person, a staff member at Animal Haven noticed one of the cats peeking out of the bucket as described. The cat that you see is a tabby cat and he or she has been named Sage.

The other cat is black. He or she has been injured slightly on the nose because no doubt he tried to force his way out, pushing with his nose. As the Animal Haven spokesperson said the buckets were left in places where they were not meant to be found or to be treated other than rubbish. They were a death sentence but they got lucky.

Tabby cat Sage recovering at Animal Haven
Tabby cat Sage recovering at Animal Haven. Photo: Animal Haven.

It’s a peculiar and very cruel form of cat abandonment. There are so many better ways to surrender a cat one of which is the obvious one, namely to go to the nearest animal shelter and reach out to them to take in a cat that is no longer wanted.

Source: Huffington Post.

2 thoughts on “New York City: two cats found in snap sealed plastic buckets next to trash”

  1. If a “person” can’t mentally put themselves in the place of an animal in this situation, at least for second, long enough to decide NOT to do this or to rescue them, they don’t deserve to walk around free where they could do it again. Full stop.

  2. Again more waste less flesh bags who should just drop dead and I hope they die a most horrific one! Praise the goddess they were found!


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