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New York Governor Cuomo Vetoes State Funding of TNR Programs — 16 Comments

  1. I always liked you governor, como but for you DeVito trap neuter and return poor helpless cats who have no family makes me so sick it hurts me makes me so upset how could you do this to them even if you don’t like cats how could you do this please change your mind

  2. my feral non-bird killing cats. simply
    hogwash. i had a small colony. i made a
    deal with my ferals(i feed you guys a
    big can of wet food every day) they never once killed a bird after that.
    most people think cats don’t listen?
    think again dinghows, y is wrong.

  3. i live in ny state. cuomo is up for re-
    election soon. we vote this turkey out!
    most have made methimazole illegal a
    human hyperthroid drug, not ny.
    they now have femimazole for cats. i would recomend to any using this compound to go to hills y/d imeaditely
    synthetic chemicals are not good for
    a cat.

  4. For the price of a little peer reviewing the bird people are pushing their highly personalized and distorted study as “science.”

    • They are pushing these misleading studies. Some of these scientists are biased too. What annoys me is that there is room for compromise. It doesn’t have to be a war between cat and bird advocates.

  5. Being born and raised as a New Yorker this Governor has put our colonies in danger of being abused,tortured and murdered,I have emailed his office 2 times and they have yet to reply back,I even said in the email that I am now sorry I voted him in as our Governor!

  6. I am so very sick of hearing about cats killing birds !!! This is a cats world too and they are just acting on instinct..they use the tools that millions of years of evolution has given them to survive…why don’t humans do more complaining about destroying the big cat population ?? It all just seems so unfair to me…

    • The bird lobby always raise this misleading argument that cats kill precious native species of birds. As you say humans do far more damage to birds and in any case cats kill less birds than the bird conservationists state. It irritates me and has done for years. Now the governor, in his ignorance I am sorry to say, has got it wrong.

  7. Makes me not at all proud to be a New Yorker. If I went on about the governor, you wouldn’t be able to print my dismay. Understand that not spaying and neutering will create a LARGER cat population, wilder, less likely to be adopted and less likely to be fed. However, this is the governor who helped his father try to win the NYC mayoralty using sexual orientation slurs. I wonder what his orthinologist advisor would think of the City of Syracuse, NY which successfully rid itself of its pigeon problem using birth control in 1973. Humans create the problems and then don’t have the good sense to repair them. End of rant.

    • I always liked you governor, como until I heard about you did not want to you just wanted to kill the cats the feral cats I was in a place where I try to save as many feral kittens as I could it’s not their fault they were not born with a family and for you to decide do not trap them fix them and return them is the most awful thing awful I ever heard in my life I am so sick about this how how could you do this to them

      • Thanks Cinda for commenting. His decision was a great setback for all feral cats because if NY had made this law it would have influenced other states quite possibly.

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