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New York State defends the feral cat in court against the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) — 8 Comments

  1. Truthfully this inner combat is why so little gets done for real animal welfare. A united front would accomplish far more.

  2. Agree with the above comments. It’s good that there’ll be documentation that the particular bird’s population increased in size and hence cats don’t present a danger to them.

    Actually, given rat problem in NYC, I think the cats do public service there. My friend’s car was damaged when a rat chewed threw the pipes.

    • Yes, I agree Kitty. If the court dismisses the case it will be a feather in the cap of feral cat caretakers and cat lovers and a blow to the bird people 😉

  3. righteous do-gooders with tunnel vision. Without predation a species will over breed. That allows weak, deformed and the genetically stupid to pass along their defective genes.
    A question not answered is what is the coyote population in the area. And they are everywhere. The coyote would prey not only on the birds but the cats as well. If the population is increasing they there is a healthy balance even if the overachievers get their panties wadded over a few birds being eaten.
    It’s not just feral cats these groups attack. There is a faction that wants your domestic cat banned. Inside or out.
    I have witness numerous encounters over my life in state, national, and even wildlife sanctuaries of off leash dogs doing more damage in one day than a cat could in a year.

    • I agree ME. There is indeed a fiction that feral cats are a major threat to birds and that they decimate bird populations. It is not true. Humans are the biggest bird killers through a wide range of activities.


  4. The only species that exterminates another species is the human species. I’ve had cats and dogs and birds all together in one house and the birds and cats and dogs made peace and in some cases were friends. Had one cat who would lay on top of the birdcage and lower his tail into the cage to play with the birds.

  5. I love that there will be legal documentation that cats, feral or not, aren’t the cause of bird population decline, because this potential ruling can be referred to in any other cases down the road.

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