New Zealand is banning cats from new communities. Thin end of the wedge?

The New Zealand website quite often publishes articles about cats and they are all negative. The basic MO is to get rid of them because their native species are being gobbled up by the evil devils. I get it but it is a bit OTT to an outsider. The Kiwis and Aussies are far more concerned about domestic cat predation than the citizens of any other nation. And they’ve arrived at that mentality through donkey’s years of indoctrination by the authorities. They hate cats to the point where new build developments are specifying no cat rules for house purchasers.

Domestic cats not allowed on this new housing estate in pretty New Zealand
Domestic cats not allowed on this new housing estate in pretty New Zealand. Image: MikeB based on background image by Christel Yardley (Stuff).
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Yep, cats are being banned on new housing estates in New Zealand to protect the birds and other native species. And the purchasers of these homes are perfectly happy to accept it.

It is amazing how easy it is to indoctrinate a complete nation on any topic. Think about North Korea, the paradigm example of the indoctrination of the masses.

The Rangitahi Peninsula is a beautiful area of New Zealand. It all looks wonderful to me. It’s a new subdivision in Waikato’s Raglan, and it is a ‘cat-free zone’. This was decided by the land’s owners: David and Mathew Peacocke. They are very concerned for the area’s wildlife, particularly the birds.

I wonder how they are going to enforce the rules? Have community vigilantes patrol the estate knocking on doors and asking to come it? Sounds like a dystopian future.

And Hamilton’s new Amberfield subdivision could become the city’s first ‘cat-free zone’ There is a proposed cat ban in Hamilton’s south. This was by court order to protect endangered long-tailed bats.

The phrase ‘cat-free zone’ has a ring about it. It is like ‘pollution-free zone’ or ‘nuclear-free zone’. It’s about keeping the bad things out. Cats are bad. Forget all the good they do for people. Forget the various ways cats can live with people while, at the same time, protecting wildlife.

What about cat confinement policies and limiting cat numbers to one per home? What about only allowing cats outside on a lead? A compromise to allow residents to enjoy the benefits that cats bring while respecting wildlife.

These developments allow dogs. Dogs chase wildlife. Is this an example of rampant speciesism?

Further north, the Weit Bay subdivision has a cat ban as well. But dogs are approved.

These are expensive homes in picturesque areas. Perhaps the kind of people who will live in these homes want everything to look picture perfect. They don’t want pesky cats spoiling things. Peeing and pooping on neighbour’s gardens and chasing the odd songbird. reports that ‘most people were aware of the damage cats did to the environment, and understood why the condition had been imposed.’

Yep, they’ve been indoctrinated into believing that cats are manic predators destroying birds in the billions. Have they checked the science?

I can see the gradual banning of domestic cats from the entire country if this continues. New Zealand will the world’s first countrywide cat-free zone.

They will be the vanguard for reversing what has been a perpetual increase in the domestic cat population in the world. That’s no bad thing actually. There are too many domestic cats. Why do I say that? Because there are far too many irresponsible cat owners. How do I know that? Because there are hundreds of millions of semi-feral, feral and stray cats on the planet. There should be none. They were all created out of careless cat ownership.

It is time for stricter cat owning rules. New Zealand may be ahead of the game.

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