Newly adopted kitten washed away with family home in Hurricane Harvey floodwater

A Houston family had just adopted a tabby kitten. The kitten was micro-chipped and registered with Harris County Veterinary Public Health. The registered ownership had not been transferred to the family at the time the disaster struck and their home and cat washed away by the floods.

The family had lost everything and had no idea where their kitten was. He had been injured. His jaw had been broken and his paw injured. He was found bleeding at the mouth. He’d been hit by a car and taken by good people to BluePearl Willowbrook Animal Emergency, Houston despite the flooding.

A lady, Alison Tate Campos, stepped in. The kitten was relinquished to her and I must say she has taken charge wonderfully well. She set up a fundraiser to pay for veterinary treatment. It has raised the target of $700. One lady donated $250. What a great lady.

Alison, herself, had lost her home, her cars and everything else in flooding last year. Two of her cats drowned. She’s still giving and rescuing. She was able to contact the cat’s owners and tell them that their kitten was safe. Although very pleased and thankful, they were unable to reclaim the kitten because they had lost everything in the floodwater and hurricane. They gave up their rights to the cat. Alison is looking for a new home for this warm-hearted boy who is still unnamed. His treatment is continuing but he is comfortable and eating well. As Alison said, his start to life has not been great but he still purrs and he gave Alison a friendly headbutt.

The staff at BluePearl Willowbrook Animal Emergency and the volunteers and staff at Harris County Veterinary Public Health played their part as well and Alison praises them.

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