NFC Brothers In Arms

by Janet
(Larkhall, Scotland)

Bed time

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Bed time

I have the privilege to share my life with two Norwegian Forest cats. Both are now 1 year old males who are unrelated but love each other like brothers. They play together all day jointly investigating everything that takes their fancy.

Then after helping out with the evening chores they settle down to watch a little TV before bed.

I have kept cats all of my life. Lots of strays, barn cats, and different types of pedigree's and I have never come across a breed that was universally intelligent and nice to human companions until I met Norwegian Forest cats.

I have lived with 4 now and all have been very intelligent and friendly. The only flaw is a tendency to make toileting mistakes during the first 6 months - absolutely no mistakes ever after that age.

Anyway the mistakes are stopped if you ensure food is placed in all likely spots.

When you look at them they respond to your mood - always - they seem to know if you need a hug or want to play. I am their pet not the other way around. I have the privilege to have been chosen.


NFC Brothers In Arms to Norwegian Forest Cat

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NFC Brothers In Arms

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Mar 16, 2010
by: Tracey

Hi Janet

You're boys are just adorable!

How they love each other!

They look like a couple of bears just lying there!

I have Ozzie a Maine Coon and there are a number of similarities in their personalites.

If my Oz has done something wrong I only have to give him a look and he acts like a dog!

He puts his ears down and his eyes get bigger then he skulks off, he definately knows I'm not happy!

He's one of the most comical cats I've had!

Mar 14, 2010
Great Norwegians
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Janet. I agree, the Norwegians are great cats. Good looking, but also curious, intelligent and affectionate.
And one more thing - as "natural cats" they often get very old. Our NFC Milly is in her 16th year and seems determined to outlive everybody. Oh yes, because so far she has... Needless to say her old mother is still alive as well. 😉
Good luck with your two fine boys.

Finn Frode avatar

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