Nice portrait of Ed Sheeran and attractive cat in Japan

This is a really good portrait photo of Ed Sheeran in Japan. I think it might have been captured in a cat café. He loves cats. You can tell by the way he acts around them and this photo confirms it. Anyway, it is a known fact by now ✔️.

He is very normal which I love. And he is very talented. The picture is from his Instagram channel. I hope he accepts me publishing the picture here. Any problems please ask your agent to leave a comment and I will respond quickly.

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The cat in the photograph is a bit wary as you’d expect as he is being handled by a stranger. What I like about cats is that they have no conception of human celebrities. Ed Sheeran is just another human to this attractive cat.

The cat is almost certainly a non-purebred, but as mentioned beautiful. He’s a diluted (faded) ginger tabby and white.

I am pretty sure that the cat is male as he is a ginger tabby. As you probably know the orange gene is sex linked so gingers/reds/yellows/marmalades are almost always males.

This is Ed’s comment on the photograph: “Japan, I love you so much. Will be back again soon. Taiwan next.” He must be on a tour and he is in Japan as I type this (1st February 2024).

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If you click this link, you can hear him singing to cat cafe cats and they all run off immediately 😁. He smiles.

He is described as having a passion for cats. I believe he has two cats at the time of writing this: Calippo and Dorito.

He was at this cat café 10 years ago and he was there to impress the cats with his thinking but he failed again. He said that he was trying to win over the same cats who ran away from him in 2014 but exactly the same thing happened 10 years later.

In 2014 he sang Thinking out Loud. He is playing an acoustic guitar in the video.

The video starts with him saying: “Who wants to hear a song?” After which the cats respond by fleeing. Sheeran admits that, “It was not more successful than my last visit”.

His fans took the opportunity to have a joke about the video with one saying that: “They wanted to hear ‘Purrfect’ obviously” 😁.

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  1. Love it, pofl…prrr! grrr.
    We can’t help it. Ed Sheeran is as stubborn, redhead (ginger?), invincible AND! lovable as we are 💗🤗


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