Nicola Sturgeon says that the coronavirus pandemic is no one’s fault

In a video in which Scotland’s first Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, updates the nation on coronavirus regulations, she states that the coronavirus pandemic is no one’s fault. I am going to allege that she was asked to say that by the Chinese ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, in a meeting at the Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) on Monday, not long before she made the statement. And I’m going to allege that she accepted the request to absolve China of any wrongdoing in creating the pandemic because the ambassador promised investment in Scotland and promised a Scotland-China agreement which would boost the Scottish economy which is in a dire state. It was in a dire state before the coronavirus pandemic and it will be far worse after it. To the best of my knowledge, Scotland is alleged to have the highest deficit in Europe at £12.6bn or 7% of GDP. The Scottish government spends more on welfare than they can afford and have done so for far too long. This is what Nicola Sturgeon describes as progressive government.

Here’s a video. If you go to 13 minutes 23 seconds into the video you will hear us say the words. I’ve also included the Scottish government’s transcript of that section of her speech made on 13 October 2020.

Here is the transcript:

Nicola Sturgeon says that the coronavirus is no one's fault
Nicola Sturgeon says that the coronavirus is no one’s fault
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The Chinese government is embarrassed by the coronavirus pandemic. Through their lax attitude to their wet markets, some would say their negligence, over 20,000 markets where wild animals were slaughtered in unregulated conditions became potential sources of transmission of zoonotic diseases from the animals to humans. And this potential became a reality in Wuhan in a wet market there. It is believed that a pangolin was infected with Covid-19 by a bat. The pangolin was slaughtered at the market which released the virus to the human who did the slaughtering, and perhaps other people in the market. That is believed to be the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Conspiracy theorists have also accused a huge bio lab in Wuhan, where they experiment on germ warfare, of releasing the virus deliberately. That is probably far-fetched but the former scenario is highly likely. It is supported by the fact that the Chinese government has cleaned up their act or so it is alleged. They have introduced regulations to smarten up their wet markets to reduce the possibility of zoonotic disease infection in humans. That action is an admission of failure of the Chinese government and also an implied admission that the coronavirus started at the Wuhan market. They want to do everything they can to avoid liability for crashing the world economy and costing trillions of dollars. When it is all over I would hope and expect some countries to seek compensation from China in the trillions of dollars because these countries deserve it.

What has this got to do with cats you may ask? Well actually quite a lot indirectly and even directly. Firstly, many cats have lost their owners because they a been killed by the virus. Many domestic cats have caught the virus, we don’t know how many. They are normally asymptomatic. The story about domestic cats getting the virus is not over. Trillions of dollars have been spent across the globe in propping up incomes and businesses during lockdowns. That money could have been spent on wildlife conservation, on protecting the planet, on mitigating against climate change and on wildlife conservation. The money has been spent and therefore wildlife conservation including the wild cat species have lost out on an opportunity to be protected against their gradual extinction due to habitat loss.

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  1. I do blame the Chinese because they refuse to stop eating wild things they shouldn’t like bats and pangolins and dog and cat meat. Case in point there are over 2,500 corona viruses. They KNEW people were dying several months before they told WHO and the world. They allowed it to spread all over the world instead of closing their borders and planes.
    Wet markets are filthy stinking place. We have wet markets too in the US and UK. They have no inspections. The animals sold can be sick and sold for human consumption. While hunters kill deer carrying mad cow, if they eat the meat it only effects them.
    I saw the first article about the disease in October and it wasn’t until January China finally admitted covid was killing people.
    But the 1918 flu that killed millions, it began in the USA at a Kansas pig farm. 2 young farmers joined the army and spread it every where they went. Not sure the USA ever apologized for that. But it lead to the USDA being created. As far as I can see China has done pretty much nothing and neither has the rest of the world.
    It’s just a matter of time before the next pandemic hits the world. I will always wear a mask in public till the day I die…

    U.S. has ‘blind spots’ in its preparations for zoonotic diseases, experts warn


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