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Nicosia, Cyprus: 400 Protest at Kitten Killing — 35 Comments

  1. As a Cypriot and as a animal lover I feel shame when somebody from my country abuse animals !!! But Mr Harvey Harrison why you mension my country as “South Cyprus” and Nicosia the capital of Cyprus as “Greek part of Cyprus” ? Why this political propaganda . You cant divice my country and make with cheap propaganda to make the people to thing that they are 2 Cyprus countries ( South and North ) ! Cyprus is one country with official name ” Repuplic of Cyprus “. Thank you

  2. The tourist trade should suffer greatly in these countries where animal abuse is rife because there is absolutely no reason on earth. I think its a shame because there are people living there who are against what happened.
    I just don’t get how someone can think its acceptable to kill a tiny hungry defenceless creature with such brutality in full view if diners!!! Please don’t get me wrong this shouldn’t happen under any circumstances but the way this monster went about this I feel as if its an everyday occurrence!
    I’m delighted he’s lost business I hope he is in fear of his life as well.

  3. Is Hellenic Cyprus truly mistreating animals? Who is that bad man? Do you have a name to attach to that photo? I have called so many times, and can’t get the information that I need. Should I dig deeper? or spend my efforts on something more effective? ?

    • Ruth, thank you, I have not yet created a photomontage, but posted your link. And I’m still going to get this up and running, on a new site, inspired by you, Michael and Marc. You, Marc and everybody on Michael’s PoC are truly carimg. I won’t be eating any poisonous fungi tonight.

  4. Hopefully his restaurant will be blacklisted or just remain infamous for what happened there.

    I can’t stand thinking about what happened – it’s a true nightmare of epic proportions. I would be much disturbed had I seen that. I’d be in jail too.

    • Marc, we all would. We all would. I’m about to eat some poisinous fungil I am tired of this life. Thank Goodness, for what you have done! It gives me a raison d etre.

      • Don’t You ever, don’t You! of everybody that I hacw come to understand, don’t YOU ever, ever give up. Cat’s, especially, Red need you. !!!

        • It’s truly heartbreaking to think of a flailing paralysed and confused kitten being kicked into the road – and it’s poor mother. It’s stuck in my head. It’s awful.

          • I , we know. I don’t understand it, Marc. what can we do, but persevere, for each and every little one, who never asked for anything except love.

          • Mine too Marc, along with other horrific images of animal abuse.
            I think all the time how can animal abusers be called human beings like we are?
            They are not human, they are monsters!
            Humans are humane.

            • ‘Humane’ is not such a good word is it. Infact it’s often a bad word if you consider what humans do. We need a new word for different kinds of humans – the word humane is not worth anything.

              • Humans for us, monsters for animal abusers, for want of a better word.
                Definition of monster:
                A creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening.
                Not quite right as it misses out cruel and heartless. Maybe we can think up a better word between us hmmm there may be an article in that?

  5. Well good on those people who protested, it’s wonderful that so many of them cared enough to do that.
    It won’t bring that poor little kitten back but it will have showed that bastard tavern owner and any others abusing cats and also the police, that decent people won’t put up with cruelty to animals.
    We need animal welfare laws worldwide!

  6. I’m so glad that local people have made a protest over the tragic loss of that kitten’s precious life, maybe losing trade will get through to that smug, well fed tavern owner better than any other form of protest, people like him think only of money and profit so I hope the pressure continues and he loses business through this for a long time to come.

  7. Hi Caroline. Thanks for the compliments. Just think that the kitten which was killed may have looked like these two.
    Balkar means honey and snow (the male on the left), Fenicia’s name is related to the Phoenix since she rose from being near to death. She is now in Holland and very much appreciated, and Balkar is still with me. The stove you see is the gas stove. The m/wave is fitted in a custom-made niche over the countertop so no working space is lost. Here is a photo of Fenicia after being rescued and after her first bath. You can still see the pain in her eyes.

    • Yes, I see it, but she doesn’t any longer have that pain, thanks to your kindness. She’s in Holland? (I’m pleased that you were able to keep Balkar… They are both beautiful. They are both, beautiful. Thank you, Harvey, for sharing that with your friends, and esp. me.

    • Thanks for the update Harvey. Your cats are beautiful and lucky you found them by the sounds of it. They are stunning.

      I hope the protest will encourage people towards not being cruel to animals at least out of fear of repercussions from the general public. 400 people is a hell of alot of people if you think about it. I’m glad that guy probably regrets the whole thing now. Thats pure cruelty what he did. Truly fearsome and nasty – I’d be sick if I saw it happen in front of me.

  8. Just to give you all an idea what lovely free-born cats and kittens can be found in Cyprus, these are Balkar (L) and Fenicia (R). Balkar was found near a restaurant and supermarket looking fairly well fed , and Fenicia was found on her last legs from starvation and thirst in Lapta village. She was about 2 months old and no mother or siblings in sight. As you can see both made an immediate transition from feral to spoiled affectionate house cats. The people here don’t know what treasures they have.

    • They are special cats, what I call “van-type” cats with the classic inverted “V” pattern on the forehead.

      Nice picture, Harvey. Lovely cats. You don’t see this sort of cat very often in the UK. This is a Mediterranean looking cat.

    • Harvey, they are beautiful. Thank you for the updates and the photo of Balkar and Fennie Fenecia? [what does that mean?] Their two pair of eyes are amazing, aren’t they? And I love it that you give them free reign. (My cats were never allowed nxt to the microwave while it was on. I’d gently scoop Panda right off if she jumped up their while it was emitting.)

      Thanks, Harvey! Lovely, rescues

      • U.S. standards are not as strict as European. Our mw units emit alot more than, well, almostanywhere else in the world. That said, and I know that i’m preachin to the choir, DO NOT 😉 let your felines nor chi’s nor hamtaro sit nxt to the microwave oven while running.

  9. Thank you Harvey and Michael for the update.

    My view is that stories like these (this, and the one re: Chester) are really helpful in calling attention to how cats are mistreated. imho people relate to “the particular” most of all- both this and the story about Chester gave details that conveyed the events vividly. I’m sure that many reading the stories connected personally with the events.

    Connected personally, in a way that one might not when reading statistics as in x number of cats are abused in such and such a way, in such and such a place.

    I’m not saying that summaries via statistics aren’t important- not at all- but these two recent stories made me realize the power of reporting on individual cat abuse. Not so difficult for me to imagine something like “I could have been at that cafe and seen this horrible deed”, for example. Conjures up vivid images.

    Hope what I am trying to say makes sense- b/c it was a struggle to find the apt words.

    • people relate to “the particular”

      That is a really good point VG. People prefer live events with real characters rather than an abstract discussion no matter how intelligent and useful. It is more interesting particularly to women. I mean that in a nice way.

      Also real events do tell us a lot about the world of cats, perhaps more than an abstract impersonal discussion.

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