Nine-week-old kitten is recovering after being thrown toward a school bus from a moving car

According to an October 17 report by, a nine-week-old kitten is recovering after being thrown toward a school bus from a moving car. Authorities are still searching for suspects.

Jen Marlow/Ridge Runner Veterinary Services
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The kitten, now dubbed “Hiccup” by the staff at Ridge Runner Veterinary Services in Winterport (Maine), was thrown out on the morning of October 3 somewhere along Monroe Road.

Children on the bus began screaming at the bus driver who was able to stop and grab the kitten before it could be hit by a vehicle.

Hiccup faced a tragic end if not for the quick thinking of everyone involved. The children screaming for the bus driver to stop was only the first act of kindness that day to save this poor kitten.
Jen Marlow/Ridgerunner Veterinary Services

The bus driver took Hiccup to the bus depot where a coworker took it to the Rachel and Shannan Grooming Salon on Main Street. From here the business owners (who also rescue cats) took Hiccup on to Ridge Runner Veterinary Services.

Jen Marlow, a veterinary assistant at the clinic, said no one has been able to identify the bus driver or to get a description of the car. It’s likely the bus employee works for John T. Cyr & Sons since they contract with the school district.

Marlow stated “He was pretty emaciated. Poor buddy. He was covered in fleas and full of worms.”

Hiccup was x-rayed and at first, it was thought he would have to have his badly broken leg amputated and was quickly named after a character missing a leg in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.”
Winterport, Maine
Thanks also go out to Lucerne Veterinary Hospital in Dedham heard about the kitten and offered to help. It was here the decision was made to try to save the leg and allow it to heal on its own. Hiccup will need plenty of rest to ensure that happens. A fundraiser started for Hiccup has already reached the goal.
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  1. Poor little Hiccup. I am so happy that he was rescued and his leg was able to be saved. This story gives me hope. These children will not all grow up to be animal abusers. There are still caring, open hearted people in the world who have concern for sentient beings.💜💜🐾


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