Nine-year-old boy distraught over his lost cat who is like a brother

Boy, Edward, distraught over lost cat who was like a brother
Boy, Edward, distraught over lost cat who was like a brother. Photo: From BBC video.
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Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire, UK: nine-year-old Edward Webb couldn’t stop thinking about the family cat, Leo, when he went missing for three weeks. Edward says that Leo is like a brother to him.

It seems that his parents recognised the close bond between their son and Leo (and how it was affecting him) and decided to invest £1000 in hiring professional pet detectives to find their cat.

They found success. A member of the public responded to notices put up around the village where they lived having found Leo.

On their reunion, Edward showed his emotion and shed a little tear. It is a touching moment which confirms yet again the closeness of the bond that people can have with their family. It is such an important relationship sometimes. And it’s a great one for children too. Cats and dogs can do so much for the well-being of children.

Please play the entire video. It is touching.

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