Nine Year Old Silver Persian Loses Weight

by Kiriaki
(Athens, Greece )

My silver Persian who is nine years old lost has around 1.5 kg weight in the last weeks. He does not eat any food or at just a bit. He drinks water and goes to the cat litter. I went with him to the vet and she did blood tests and various other exams (Leukemia, DEXX Test) but all was OK.

Additionally she gave the cat cortisone and he started to eat. However she could not find the reason why my cat is loosing weight? I would be more than happy if someone could give me help what the reason could be because the vet said that it is nothing obvious from the tests.

Thank you in advance for any recommendation or point of view.

Kind regards

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Nine Year Old Silver Persian Loses Weight

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Nov 21, 2009 Sorry to hear
by: Michael

I am very sorry to hear of the outcome. Thank you for telling us.

Nov 19, 2009 Outcome of the pancreatitis
by: Kiriaki

Hello all,

I just wanted to let you all know that my cat did not survive the pancreatitis. He passed away on the second and I try to get on with life. Sorry for the late replay but I was not in the mood to communicate before. Thank you all again for the help and the kind words.


Oct 27, 2009 Diagnosis
by: Kiriaki

After 36 hours of testing in the clinic the vets found out that he has pancreatitis. It doesn’t look good cause he already turned yellow but they are fighting it. The next days will show how the little fellow will recover. The first good thing is that it is not F.I.P. as they assumed at the beginning. Lets wait and see. At least I can now try to relax a bit after going nuts for 4 days. Thank you again.

Oct 27, 2009 sorry
by: kathy

I dont have any ideas but i hope everything comes out ok

Oct 26, 2009 Thank you
by: Kiriaki

Hi all (especially Michael)

I wanted to thank you for your input and thoughts. My cat is right now in the vet hospital and gets treated. They did xrays and found some fluid in the belly. Now they are doing tests for FIT (feline infectious peritonitis)Hopefully it will be negativ. I do not know. I am waiting to hear the results from the vet. Due to the fact that he was in a bad realy bad condition they kept him there and gave and give him fluids. Well thanks for all your infos and regards.

I will keep you posted on any progress so we can share the outcome 2 others.

Kind regads

Oct 26, 2009 Pleasure
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi Kiriaki, We feel for your cat. We wish him and you the best. Please come back to the site and tell us what happened.

Oct 25, 2009 Thank You all
by: Kiriaki

Thank you all. Especially Michael for your help and point of view. I will discuss this points with the vet tom. Additionally I wanted to mention that my cat is already on a special diet cause he had often urinary tract disease and therefore the vet put him on this diet. Lets see what the vet will find out. I am very worried about my cat cause he is my all!!!

Thanks again and If anyone has any idea to tell the vet please let me know

Kind regards

Oct 25, 2009 Diabetes
by: Michael

At the outset sugar diabetes causes increased appetite (coupled of course with increased thirst). These are the early signs.

With the affects of malnourishment there is a drop in appetite and weakness. This would account for him not jumping up on to the couch or bed to sit etc. and not eating while the thirst is maintained.

Has diabetes mellitus been ruled out? Insulin jabs and dietary control may see an improvement.

Oct 25, 2009 Ultrasound
by: Kiriaki

Thank you for the comment. Yes we also did various ultrasounds and the only thing the vet saw was some kidney stone but this would not be an issue in regards to the not eating. Additionally I investigated that he is drinking a lot of water and does not want to eat. Further I saw that he is now sitting on the floor and not as usual on the bed or couch. Does anyone has a point of view on this case.

Thank you

Oct 24, 2009 Please get a second opinion
by: Anonymous

I took my 12.5 year old Borzoi{ yes I know she was not a cat} to the vet because she was losing weight. All of her tests came back normal, in fact the vet was impressed at how good her test results were.
He suggested that I take her to have an ultra sound just to be on the safe side. The ultrasound showed a very large tumor which turned out to be cancer.
Always get a second opinion.

Oct 24, 2009 Comments to Michael
by: Anonymous

Thank you Michael for the infos. I will pass them on to the Vet on Monday.


Oct 24, 2009 Silver Persian
by: Kiriaki

Thank you for the comment. the vet told me that this is just that the cat starts to eat for three days. My question is that what could be the reason why my cat is not eating and the vet can not see the cause of it.

We did following tests

HCT which was normal
HGB which was normal
MCHC which was normal
WBC which was normal
GRANS which was normal
L/M which was normal
PLT which was high

FELINE LEUKEMIA which was negative
IVF which was negative
TBIL which was normal
ALT which was normal
BUN which was low
CREA which was normal
CGT which was low to normal
GLU which was normal

Anyone see a different pattern?

Additionally the cat is nutered and lives with an additional nutered cat only inside

Oct 24, 2009 just my opinion
by: franz

it might be that your cat is looking for a mate just like my cats.whenever they are in heat and no female cats they tend to loose weight and doesnt want to eat..

Oct 24, 2009 Just discussing it
by: Michael

This seems to be the key:

He does not eat any food or at just a bit. He drinks water and goes to the cat litter

This can only be a discussion that may help but only a good vet can diagnose and advise on treatment.

It would seem (perhaps simplistically) that he has lost weight because he has lost his appetite – he doesn’t eat properly. A host of illnesses can of course cause that but the tests apparently proved negative. For example: feline pancreatitis and feline fatty live disease. These are two examples.

You can read cat illness symptoms, which looks at illness from the perspective of the symptoms.

A side effect of cortisone can be increased appetite. This treatment seems to be one of last resort. And the underlying health problem is still there.

I will assume the diet has remained the same for a long time so it is not diet related.

Book 1 on this page says this about loss of appetite (selected):

Failure to eat can be due to mouth disease or something in the mouth because it hurts to eat. Did the vet check the mouth? I am sure she did but you haven’t mentioned that.

Book 2 says that if there is an associated head tilt it might be a middle ear or inner ear problem. Or an ingested irritant, throat obstruction, tumor in throat, URI (but this would have been noticeable).

If the blood tests prove OK then for me a physical obstruction is indicated but I am not a vet.

I would try another vet.

Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

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