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Nine years as a stray cat. Before and after photographs — 5 Comments

  1. I’d happily strangle the idiots who persist in pushing the myth that ‘cats are independent & don’t need human assistance’. The truth of life for strays & ferals is that life is short, terrifying & painful.

    The emotion pouring from the sound the !ady made as she bent over to greet Minnie just said it all. Disbelief & relief all in one little sound.

    • Well said Jane. I completely agree with you. There is still this myth that the ‘independent’ cat can survive alone in the wild. Education is the cure.

      • This is so heart-rending, 💔 but there is always hope. I believe somewhere in this blog you have a story of a so-called cat rescuer who released all the cats she had into the Wild, and they starved. It shows one woman holding a white cat and crying. It hurts to see something like that. (By the way, regarding the switch on the photos up above, the cat must have had a pretty bad groomer, LOL.)

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