Nineteen-year-old cat is about to be re-homed on Facebook

This is a minute by minute development. A 19-year-old cat whose name is Tikki had to be left behind by her lady owner. We don’t know the reason but her daughter is appealing to people on The Cat’s Whiskers a Facebook group for people to adopt Tikki.

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She posted the request 13 hours ago and the last comment was several minutes ago. At that time Tikki had not been adopted but there was an offer from somebody in San Antonio Texas. Tikki is currently in an area described by the lady’s daughter, Jenny Macias, as “Central Texas Big Country Area” and possibly “North Texas DFW Area”.

Tikki is a gray cat. She is 19 years of age but almost 20. She is an indoor/outdoor cat but has mostly lived indoors throughout her life. She is quiet and can get along with other cat provided they are not too rough with her. She gets along with dogs as well.

At the moment Tikki is staying with one of the lady’s daughters. For a while she was in the bathroom but it seems that she has more space at the moment. The reason is that the daughter has dogs so she needs to be protected.

As mentioned a woman in San Antonio has offered to adopt Tikki but transportation needs to be arranged. This offer has not be accepted on FB at the time of writing this.

Click this to go to the FB post. The FB ladies do a great job in re-homing.

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1 thought on “Nineteen-year-old cat is about to be re-homed on Facebook”

  1. Poor Tikki, what an ordeal for the dear old gal. Paws crossed that the FB Rehomers can make that genuine, loving, safe home a reality for her.

    She must be so confused, just the smell and sound of the dogs is likely to be frightening for her if she has never lived among dogs.

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