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Ninety Percent Drop in the Killing of US Dogs and Cats in Shelters — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah, they throw cats under the tires of cars or make them lap-up antifreeze from a pan in a neighbor’s garage instead. That’s a wonderful way to count saving cats’ lives, isn’t it.

    His way of “saving cats’ lives” is akin to declaring that there would be less environment-destroying vehicles on the roadsides everywhere if they convinced everyone to not take their rusting wrecks to the local recycling center. That too would truly reduce the number or rusting cars on all the roadsides, wouldn’t it?

    Are you all THIS completely daft when it comes to reality, math, and the real world? I guess you are. Thanks for further proof that morons are in charge of cats’ lives.

  2. Kudos to good works. However the actual number of animals killed in shelters is still high which shows how just a few ignorant souls can cause the death of so many by not committing to the lifetime care of their pets and refusing to S/N.

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