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No fees. Free transport. Wanted: cat lover within 300 miles of New Orleans to adopt Vincent and Tori. — 24 Comments

  1. Update: Jo Singer contacted me having discussed Vincent with Jean Hofve (a prominent anti-declaw vet).

    She will contact the shelter to see if they will get involved in repairing his paws to make them less painful. Dr Gaskin has been mentioned.

    I think at least his paws need checking out to see if there is some bone or regrowth there causing pain.

    • I was thinking Dr. Gaskin all the time, but he’s way up north, so I didn’t think it could happen.
      I did bring up the subject of possibly taking Vincent because if he gets sent to Dr. Gaskin then he will be much closer to us. Jeff said no, because Monty has claws and this would put Vincent at a disadvantage if the cats did not get along. It could create a situation where Vincent could really be hurt by Monty, if Monty didn’t like him and figured out the new cat can’t fight back.
      Long shot, but I did try.

        • I think shipping him to the UK might be too much for him because he has been in that Shelter for so long he must now be institutionalised. He isn’t young and a long journey could be a strain on his heart as he is so overweight.
          I hope and pray someone near there will adopt both Vincent and Torti together, now we know they are such friends it seems unkind to separate them.
          If he needs surgery to repair his mutilated paws that’s another trauma he will have to face.
          I wonder if the person who had him declawed and then dumped him ever gives him a thought, I wonder how many more cats lives the butcher who declawed him has ruined.
          I can’t believe such a cruel operation with such terrible consequences for many cats, is still legal!

  2. Thank you for this article Michael.I’m going to say that Connor has just dropped from sight? WELL NO WORRIES. Now armed with Vincent’s info and Torti’s(was just gonna ask for a pic of her Ruth went I scrolled down and saw you posted one.Of course you my friend are always on top of this stuff!THANK YOU! =) ) So hang tough my PoC friends! This lovely pair is going to be PLASTERED all over my FB page! Repeatedly!!!!! So they’ll get some much needed exposure as I have something like 500 friends,who have other friends,who..you get the picture!LOL!

  3. So hope someone opens their heart and takes these beautiful cats they so deserve some special kittie love.
    I can make a donation when needed.

  4. I’d take them like a shot if I lived there.Surely someone will see this and fall in love with them,I’ll share it on my facebook page right now,yes I’ve succumbed and joined πŸ™ but can’t make much out of it yet.

    • I did too, Rose, yrs ago to monitor my then 14 yr old daughter. πŸ™‚ Rarely do I use it, simply b/c I don’t really like it, but I naively thought that posting P-O-C there would generate more traffic to p-o-c’s warm, lovingly educational site. I had no idea, Michael. πŸ™

      • I was reluctant to join facebook too but it does come in handy for anti declawing education and for sharing links.
        I often post PoC article links on there and know people come and read them but why they don’t comment, I don’t know! Especially as I always say that every comment generates money for donations to cat charities.

    • Love this dark torti! Reminds me of my girls, Star, Start, Starter, Restart.
      I don’t like that she is named Torti.
      If she didn’t really know her name, I would name her Stella.
      She, also, looks fearful.
      I hope somebody steps up.

  5. Thank you for writing this article Michael, surely there must be someone over there who will take Vincent and Tori, I think all they would ask for would be a peaceful home and someone to love them.
    Everyone is pulling together on this, the Shelter is willing to let the cats go free to a good home, Jo is willing to organise the transport, our wonderful PoC family are offering to help with any expenses. We just need the right person to want those cats now.
    Facebook can not kill PoC! Yes it’s handy for spreading the word about declawing etc but it isn’t a patch on PoC, the warmth and friendliness here, the passion for the welfare of all cats, the education found here.

    • Thanks Ruth. Sometimes I feel that FB is like the out of town mega-supermarket that kills the high street shops.

      FB has certainly damaged many independent website. We’ll keep going though ;).

  6. I wish I could take them. If somebody arranged the whole thing of getting them here in the nicest way possible I would take them.

  7. My heart goes out to him, poor dear. I feel for him. This hopefully will turn out to be publicized heavily in favor of no declaw. (?)

    • We all hope so. I do sense a shift in opinion on declawing. There are ten times the number of websites since PoC started 6.5 years ago and lots more chatter about the problems and what declawing really is. A lot of people still don’t realise. The internet could be the force for change. Although Facebook is killing PoC, it does good on changing opinions on declawing.

  8. Untouchable? NOT!!!
    I’ve seen his look before. He’s so afraid.
    The right human can turn him around.
    I hope someone takes on the challenge.

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