No-kill Arkansas Animal Rescue Pleads for Help

This article is about a rescue in the United States who got overwhelmed, and is now asking for help. While sad, the outcome will be far better than those we hear about on the news, with authorities going in and seizing dozens of sick, dying or dead animals. Although this is a ‘dog’ story, it could easily apply to those who vigilantly work to save cats.

Rescue Cats Arkansas

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Innocent Hearts Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals throughout the Mountain View, Arkansas area. They are a no-kill shelter, meaning only those with aggressive personalities, deemed dangerous to be handled, or those who, as determined by a veterinarian are too injured or ill to survive are euthanized. They take in animals from the city of Mountain View’s Animal Control Unit as well as from Stone County and local citizens who cannot or do not wish to care for their pets. The rescue isn’t funded by government, and relies solely on private donations.

A recent Facebook post described the situation at Innocent Hearts.

“This is a very bad day for us here at IHAR. I would ask each and everyone of you to please share this with other rescues. We need someone to come and get the dogs here. I am no longer able to care for them as they need and they deserve. With no funds it is not fair to them. I do not want to put them to sleep but I will not let them suffer.”

To get an idea of how much food is needed at their rescue facility, they are going through five 50lb bags each and every day to feed 180 animals. Without donations, the food bills alone add up very fast. And with a down tick in donation, and expiration of the food program the rescue was involved in, its quickly put them in a desperate situation. This is why food and financial donations are critical. An unusually cold and icy winter also put a big dent in their budget.

They need their outside kennels rebuilt and refurbished, since the hard winter has put them in a condition where they’re no longer safe to house the dogs. Innocent Hearts is a 2014 approved rescue. They’re highly thought of in the rescue community. The way they’re handling this makes me proud to try and help them. They’ve hit hard times, and had the insight and the courage to ask for help.

I keep up with the dog rescue world, as well as those involved in cat rescue. In most cases, the public isn’t made aware of a rescue needing help until after police get involved. To ask the public for help should be the first option, but it’s amazing that very few rescues ask for their dogs to be removed before it’s too late. Innocent Hearts acknowledges they have dogs needing veterinary care, and are unable to afford it at this time.

According to ASPCA senior vice president of forensic sciences and anti-cruelty projects Dr. Randall Lockwood, rescues and shelters now make up a quarter of the estimated 6,000 new hoarding cases reported in the U.S. yearly. Personally, I’d rather read of a rescue asking for help than news coverage that dozens of dogs were found dead because a rescue couldn’t or wouldn’t come forward.

I hope other rescues will see this story, and come forward if they ever need to. I hope Innocent Hearts Animal Rescue can work their problems out, and once again be able to help the pets in their community. I’m not sure whether dogs being re-homed is actually going to happen. If the news media covers this properly, perhaps the kennels can be rebuilt and supplies restocked and a lot of monetary donations come in for veterinary care.

Thank you for showing your concern is for the animals in your care more than to line your pocketbooks. Not many are brave enough to ask for help until it’s too late. Please help if you so desire.


Source: Care2

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4 thoughts on “No-kill Arkansas Animal Rescue Pleads for Help”

  1. Their Facebook page is getting an outpouring of support. None of us are mind readers. The only way we know a rescue is facing a serious situation is for it to be made public. I know of several local rescues who use local media to raise funds for injured and sick rescues. There’s usually someone out there willing to help, whatever the problem.

    1. I hope that they are overwhelmed with donations.
      It must have been so hard for them to admit that they were at the end of their rope. I admire that they came forward.

  2. Doesn’t this story highlight the precarious nature of running animal rescue charity? This is a good charity and yet they have run out of funds.

    It also highlights the problems with unwanted pets and how they present a continual strain on the system.

    As you say it is good they asked for help relatively quickly.

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