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No-kill Arkansas Animal Rescue Pleads for Help — 4 Comments

  1. Their Facebook page is getting an outpouring of support. None of us are mind readers. The only way we know a rescue is facing a serious situation is for it to be made public. I know of several local rescues who use local media to raise funds for injured and sick rescues. There’s usually someone out there willing to help, whatever the problem.

    • I hope that they are overwhelmed with donations.
      It must have been so hard for them to admit that they were at the end of their rope. I admire that they came forward.

  2. Doesn’t this story highlight the precarious nature of running animal rescue charity? This is a good charity and yet they have run out of funds.

    It also highlights the problems with unwanted pets and how they present a continual strain on the system.

    As you say it is good they asked for help relatively quickly.

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