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No-Kill shelters should be relabelled ‘Low-Kill’ — 5 Comments

  1. The wheels turn so slowly in the world of animal care and control; that is unless the problem is the other way around! If it means more dollars in the city coffers or a policy change to kill more animals in the name of efficiency or something, no problem fast-tracking something like that. “Kill more animals? No problem, we’re already on that.” Yes, the public does take the “no kill” statement to mean what it says. In fact I believed it too.

    And doing anything for the sake of honesty, to say nothing of animals’lives these days is just inviting a lot of people to simply make a sick joke about it and move on.

    Low kill is the excellent choice and a no-brainer, which those with no brains should have no problem with. But then again it makes too much sense for most policy-making city officials. I’m sure many cities have already kicked that can down the road rather than do the right thing. The shelters likely object, saying they’ll get less business, which is correct, but they aresn’t supposed to be a for-profit operation. They keep forgetting that.

  2. Well, I for one honestly never knew that some “No Kill” shelters have a 10% “Okay To Kill” policy. 😱 Thank you Elisa and Michael for opening my eyes. This is deplorable. I have heard many times about No Kill shelters sending animals elsewhere to be euthanized. That is a deceptive and dishonest practice. What about trying harder to support the lives of these unusual animal cases, and learning more from them to further help more animals? 😭💜💜🐾🗝️

    • Well Frances, I read about this some time ago but never a big point of it but Elisa decided to open up the discussion. It is a misleading term.

  3. Out here in Seattle, we have several “no kill shelters’ that when an animal has been there too long, they send them down to another Seattle animal shelter to be put down there. That is one way they get around the “no kill” label – they don’t kill at their site. It is their dirty little secret – that comes directly from a King County Animal Control officer who had already quit her job because of what she saw they did to the animals.

    • We have one as well. They also Tnr kittens and turn them loose instead of finding homes. It helps their live numbers.

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