No Law in China Saying Cats Cannot be Eaten

No Law in China Saying Cats Cannot be Eaten

by Michael

Cats being shipped to market in a cage on a truck.

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Cats being shipped to market in a cage on a truck.

Yes, there is no law in China saying cats cannot be eaten. In fact the no law scenario goes further. Animal protection laws are non-existent in China. These statements come from the reports of newspaper agencies in Shanghai, China. So it is agreed, I think, that there is no legislation that protects animals in China.

This probably, in part, originates in the issues of human rights that are currently being raised in China. Where there are infringements of human rights it is unlikely that there will be any animal rights (or protection).

But there are kind hearted people in China who don't like the situation and who cannot stand by and let cat cruelty go on unabated.

And I am talking about that well known Chinese habit of eating the domestic cat. This does not take place throughout China but in an area in the south. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province in the south of People's Republic of China where some people like eating freshly killed domestic or feral cat.

As I understand it the cat has to be partly killed and then sold. The adrenalin produced in the cat makes the flesh taste better so I have read. That may be untrue but it is certainly true that these cats, which are shipped to this district from outside areas in trucks, are cruelly treated.

The cats are liable to incur injury and sometimes death in highly cramped cages on lorries when being shipped to their destination; a cat and dog market where they are sold for 50 yuan (£5) a time for the dinner table (src:Shanghai Daily)

On more than one occasion rescuers have stopped these trucks and fought a battle with police to confiscate the caged cats and re-home or release them.

domestic cat in cage in a market in China ready to be slaughtered and eaten
Domestic cat in cage in a market in Asia ready to be slaughtered and eaten - people in Vietnam and other Asian countries also eat domestic cat. Photo: Anna Frodesiak (Wikimedia Commons)

19th December 2009 - Cat Rescue

A recent case resulted in the rescue of about 600 cats. The police where unhelpful as false papers were provided by the people who steal and ship the cats proving that they were legally entitled to do so.

The rescuers showed great resolve and lay down in front of the trucks. Eventually after much argument and a number of cat deaths (due to the excessively cramped conditions) the rescuers won. A great and surprising victory.

29th Jun 2009 - More Cat Rescue

In an earlier case 300 cats were rescued under similar circumstances, while being shipped to market in Guangdong Province. This time the cats were in a yard.

In this case "animal rights activists" (I dislike this phrase - how about "kind hearted decent people"?) from Shanghai (who I believe to be the same group of people referred to above) rescued the cats, some 20 to each small bamboo cage. They were re-homed by "animal lovers" or released. It would appear that the cats are sometimes stolen from their human companion. These cats are not always feral cats.

Some cats die and some suffer broken bones, which is to be expected. What is interesting is this. The cat rescue groups have to act outside the law as there is no law. It is a kind of free for all - a little bit of anarchy.

The cat dealer fights back and it is a plain fight. This leaves the police in a difficult position as there is little law to apply and enforce.

On this occasion the rescuers retained the cats and the dealer was set free as there is no law in China saying cats cannot be eaten and no law to say a person cannot deal in domestic cats destined for the kitchen.

But isn't there a law that prohibits theft? No doubt there is in China. But I suspect that the domestic cat is not considered a possession by an individual and therefore it cannot be stolen.

In the west a cat is a "chattel" an old fashioned word that means moveable property as opposed to land (real property). It is possessed by us as is a refrigerator.


I must end up with a conclusion. There is the beginnings of change in China in respect of animal welfare. Where there is no law, people can and will take it into their own hands to do justice and right. This should eventually lead to legislation and then enforcement of the legislation and while we wait many more innocent and vulnerable domestic cats will suffer unbearable suffering.

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No Law in China Saying Cats Cannot be Eaten

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Dec 31, 2011
poor cat :''(
by: Audrey vialitta

Those cat HAVE to be rescued in china... damn china is sooooo cruel :'(

Jan 21, 2010
Going veggie
by: Ruth

Being a vegetarian isn't easy at first but it soon becomes a way of life and now when I walk past a butchers or a fish shop the smell of dead flesh makes me wonder how I ever ate it.It would now be like cooking and eating another person.
I thought about converting for a long time before I did it 9 years ago but I can honestly say I now feel much better both physically and in my own mind.
I felt such a hypocrite saying I loved animals but still eating them.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jan 20, 2010
very sick
by: kathy

I once saw a video on HBO about animals and how the human population treat them. They showed a video of cats being skinned alive and I cried for about two weeks after that, It still leaves a bad memory in my head. It also showed elephant culling in Africa. This too made me cry. Like I keep saying there are no limits to how some people feel about certain animals. They dont even see them as live breathing feeling creatures. It makes me wish I could be a vegetarian. As it is I limit my meat intake and sometimes I cant even enjoy the meal. I always pray for the poor beast and I will and can only eat certain beef or chicken.

Dec 25, 2009
Perils in China
by: Jan Plant

Ruth,Feel free to send anything that I can be of assistance with.Most people feel that one voice will never be heard,but our voices together can add up to a mighty roar!
Isn't China the country that wold bash a newborn female up a tree,to keep female population down?(Many ages ,ago,or so I was told) if they would do this to their own kind, a mere cat would mean not to them.perhaps they should take up the ideas of the Ancient Egyptians who idolized the cat.
Wee in the sea?Well guess ya gotta start somewhere!LOL!

Dec 25, 2009
Cats in China
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Yes it's terrible and we've fought for years to try to help cats in China.From time to time I get petitions to sign or asked to write to someone, from one of the Animal Rights groups I'm in.
I'll send them on to you if you like Jan ?
Every little helps !('said the woman as she weed in the sea' my late mam would say )

Dec 25, 2009
The Cat Eating Population
by: Anonymous

These people are not even human beings~ "I only person in world that mattah" is the motto I'm guessing. Sick and wrong actions by the Morally bankrupt.

Dec 24, 2009
No Law in China
by: Jan Plant

Egads! No wonder I don't like Chinese food! That is really disgusting.Certainly as large as China is they could find another means of food besides stealing someones pet or kipping a poor unsuspecting feral.I'd always believed that the Chinese were an honorable people.Yet sadly I can find no honor in this type of action.In an ancient country long on it's traditions,it would seem they are sadly still way behind in compassion.
I say,Hurrah for the "freedom fighters".Bully for them.I have taken peoples pets from them,when they were being abused.I evicted a tenant and rehomed her pets.I've been shot at twice by roadside animal vendors,and had my windshield cracked.You may think we may be a couple bubbles off center for doing these things,but if aggression and backbone is what it takes, well then so be it.
For those people to lay down their lives in front of trucks tells me one thing.I'm glad their on our side,and the animals.
I don't understand the money break down,but if sold by weight,my ferals would bring a fortune!LOL! Sorry,it had to be said,Caps and Bully T are sitting on the a/c unit watching thru the window,and I can't get over how they have filled out,nor ever dream that someone would steal them to eat!What a horror those poor cats suffer from man kind.It's so sad.And...
What can we do?

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