No one charged for the killing of Cecil the lion

No one has been charged for the killing of Zimbabwe’s most famous lion. The America dentist, Walter Palmer, who tried to kill him with a bow and arrow was not charged because he had legal papers to kill him.

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Theo Bronkhorst
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And now the man who arranged the hunt has also got off scot free. The high court in Zimbabwe has dropped charged against the professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst who led the expedition to kill the prized lion.

As I recall it was Bronkhorst who executed the coup de grâce on Cecil outside the reserve after Palmer failed to kill him.

We are told that the charges against Bronkhorst were “flawed”. What he did was not an offence under Zimbabwe law. He was charged with failing to prevent an illegal hunt. But the hunt was legal by all accounts.

Bronkhorst argued that he had the necessary permits to kill Cecil outside the national park boundaries. The original alleged wrongdoing was that Cecil had been killed outside the unfenced reserve.

This was a high profile trophy hunting case/story. Palmer had to go into hiding as he has vilified internationally for his deeds. His behaviour epitomised the blood lust of sport hunters who travel to Africa to kill big game decimating wild life numbers even though they claim sport hunting is good for conservation.

What conclusion can we draw from this depressing news? Simple: the laws of Zimbabwe stink when it comes to wild life conservation. We know that, in fact. It is a corrupt country run by a megalomanic.


6 thoughts on “No one charged for the killing of Cecil the lion”

  1. Big game hunting is legal in many countries. The trick is to convince the local despots that there is more money to be made with safe tourism that have cameras rather than guns.

  2. Also, now that Donald Trump is the president, his son’s heinous hunting exploits will be encouragement for such like-minded barbarians to be “proud” of…

  3. “Big Game Hunting” is no different than hunting deer or any other mammal in any country or any continent. It’s also no different than that ham dinner that you enjoy or even that can of animal-flesh cat-food that you serve to your cat. Why are you in such an uproar about it?

  4. Sir Michael i did a 20 days tour of South Africa in September 2016 visiting Johannesburg and Cape Town.Was surprised to see zebra,springbok pelts as well as stag horns sold legally in numerous shops in the city.Similarly “Big Game Hunting” is legalized and the same applies in neighboring Zimbabwe.”Cecil” the lion although the pride of Zimbabwe big game became just abother statistic in ‘legalized BIG GAME HUNTING” in Africa.Bizarrely i didn’t spot a single stray cat on the streets of South Africa akin to Europe .O have attached a photo of a typical tourist dhop in Douth Africa. This shop was in Cape Town.


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