No one would help get her cat out of a tree….until 2 Good Samaritans showed up at her home

This began as a frustrating situation and ended with two Good Samaritans who drove to a Fayetteville, North Carolina home where a cat was stuck up a tree. Working along with the worried owner, the couple managed to rescue the cat.

ABC11 screenshot
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Melissa Stanley cares for a cat named Lightskin who somehow managed to get himself stuck in a tree. He was there for six days without coming down for food or water.

Despite pleas to animal control (who said they didn’t have the proper equipment) to wildlife and environment (who charged too much) and to the fire department (who cited liability and doesn’t perform ‘treed cat’ rescues anymore), no one would help.

Melissa sent out a plea to ABC11 News

“We just want our pet down so we can feed her and take her home and get her warm. And we can’t do anything without her coming out of the tree and I don’t have any way of getting her down. We need some help, anything.”

The biggest concern Melissa had was that Lightskin would fall out of the tree into the creek behind it.

Let’s all give a big shout out to Maile Manuel and her husband who drove from Stedman, North Carolina and were able to get Lightskin out of the tree.

1 thought on “No one would help get her cat out of a tree….until 2 Good Samaritans showed up at her home”

  1. May good fortune befall Mrs & Mr Manuel forever!

    …and may Lightskin keep those paws lower to the ground in future.

    I can’t commend good animal folk enough who step up to help, when the authorities refuse.


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