No wet cat food waste (infographic)

Do you aspire to that cat caregiving utopian ideal of no wet food waste left in the bowl after a feeding or even after five feedings? Well, I’ve achieved it. I’m boasting but I’ve done it through precision feeding.

No wet cat food waste.
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The Infographic explains the MO but I will add a few words. There are perhaps two key points to a no food waste lifestyle for your cat companion. The first is to understand when your cat is genuinely hungry and will feed properly. Sometimes domestic cats get bored and they ask for food but they are not really hungry.

They may nibble a bit of the sachet of wet food that you put down and then leave the rest which becomes waste quite quickly in warm weather. It is said that cats are picky eaters but it might be better to describe them as selective or concerned eaters.

The second point is that you always provide wet cat food from 50 g sachets (smaller than the average). And of course, the food should be one that you have discovered that they like.

Next to the wet cat food should be a bowl of large-pelleted dry cat food designed for oral care. This is quite important too, I feel. When a cat has finished the 50 g sachet which they will do if they are generally hungry and want more, they should be directed towards the dry high-quality cat food to finish off the feeding session. It is important that it is high quality.

A nice bowl of water should be nearby and, in that water, should be a supplement which helps to clean their mouth. You will find this on the Internet but be careful about it.

In this way there will be no wet food waste.

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