Nokia Lumia 930 used for winning entry in video competition

Social Media Week in partnership with Microsoft ran a video competition. The competitors had to use a smartphone. Mia Mullarkey’s movie won the competition using a Nokia Lumia 930 and guess what? She made an entertaining mini-film about cats. I suppose you can’t go wrong using cats as the subject.

Well you can actually but Mia is very skilful. Despite the fact that the Nokia Lumia 930 is a great smartphone unfairly overshadowed by iPhones and Galaxies the reason why Mia won is not because of her phone, excellent though it is, but because she is a good film maker. She could have made a really excellent video using almost any camcorder.

She edited the raw video extremely well using good software (perhaps Sony Vegas, the one I have used in the past). Mia must have planned this well too. She may even have drawn up a storyboard which sets out the way the film would unfold and she appears to have built sets. It looks that well prepared.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is not available in the USA apparently. The US version is a Nokia Lumia Icon, which is almost identical. Techies in the know say it is the best Windows phone on the market.

This is a very nice video and well done to Mia. Being a devout cat lover, personally, I think it is time to divert our attention away from cats as subjects for videos to something else. What about dogs? Let’s give dogs a fair crack of the whip. It’s time.

Mia gets to go on a trip to Social Media Week in Los Angeles (and something else, I hope – she deserves it).

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  1. Unable to watch the video however agreed with DEE and RUTH (blindly) because they never want to speak against the welfare of cats.


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