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Non Declaw Veterinarians are GOOD GUYS — 15 Comments

  1. Ruth I love your poster so tongue in cheek yet still, very importantly putting the point across.

    I also love your unceasing passion, constantly striving to educate about how cruel de-clawing is as well as your compassion for all animals.

    I feel that the work the Paw Project is doing is really what we’ve all been waiting for; a group that has at last achieved some success and enough credibility for people to finally sit up and take notice. They have also managed to achieve lots of positive publicity with the video which is awesome.

    I think more and more vets are for turning and I also think the turning point where de-clawing is concerned is just around the corner 🙂

    • Thanks Rudolph, you are very perceptive! 🙂
      I just hope pro declaws get the message the poster hopes to convey

  2. I’m glad the non declaw vets are being promoted and praised, they’ve quietly stuck to their sworn oath for years and it must have been difficult at times with other vets in their area making money by declawing.
    I hope cat caretakers reward their integrity by taking their cats to those clinics and by boycotting the declawing clinics.

  3. Fabulous poster and news that more vets are not declawing.
    What I’m wondering is why the ones who have never declawed are coming forward now,is it the Paw Project movie to thank for that?Were they afraid of being mocked for not jumping on the make easy money bandwagon by those vets who declaw cats?
    I don’t see how any vet at all can deny it is cruel if it’s so cruel enough that some vets won’t do it then surely it’s cruel enough that all vets should stop.

  4. Brilliant article and poster as always and it’s only right that those vets decent enough to stand up against declawing should be recognised and given a bit of kudos, it does seem as though the tide is starting to turn against declawing in the USA, how wonderful it will be when the day comes that it is finally banned all over the country, I hope it happens within the lifetime of all of the POCers who have helped to fight for it.

      • Thanks Dee,
        Michael’s book?
        He still has all my posters on PoC somewhere I think and probably adds the new ones to the page.
        I’ve posted this article and praise for PoC on the Paw Project f/b page in the hopes that new anti declaw visitors will come here.

  5. Thanks Michael, I think it’s right that non declaw clinics should be praised and we should go to their facebook pages if we are members and ‘like’ them and comment that we admire their policy.
    Yes The Cat Clinic of Chattanooga gives good vibes as do the others too to me, they certainly put the declaw clinics to shame and one is even going to host the film.

    The Paw Project say:
    ‘Kirsten Doub, DVM, the owner of Union Park Veterinary Hospital does NOT declaw AND is hosting a screening of The Paw Project Movie in Sandy, UT in February’

    They also say:
    ‘It’s wonderful that some vets will perform surgery to alleviate some of the problems caused by the complications of declawing, but no one can completely undo the damage done. Vets just need to stop performing this unnecessary surgery’

    Paws can never be back to how they should be because there is no way to put the toe ends/claws back, the truth is that they should never have been taken from the cat in the first place.

    • — Kirsten Doub, DVM

      This veterinarian has shown a commitment to not declaw. We need a 100 more of these vets and the no declaw ball will roll faster and it will be bigger.

  6. Fabulous poster. Do I hope or believe that the attitude of North American vets to declawing is gradually changing? I believe it. It actually has to change if we believe that people are essentially decent-minded. The majority of people are decent. Therefore the majority of vets are decent. This segment of vets should take the plunge and stop.

    Thanks for doing this page Ruth. I visited the sites of these vets and the one that gave me the best “vibes” was:

    The Cat Clinic of Chattanooga, Tennessee

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