Non-human Persons Should Not Be Declawed

Non-human Persons Should Not Be Declawed

by Michael

Gradually we, as humans, are seeing animals as non-human persons. Our attitude towards them is being adjusted. We are at the beginning of seeing them as individuals that are intelligent but different.

Charlie, Three Legged Cat in Classic Meerkat Stance
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I am an individual. Treat me as such, please.
Photo of Charlie by Michael @ PoC

I am mainly thinking of dolphins in this instance but the concept of relating to animals as non-human persons would have a profoundly positive effect in the fight against declawing cats.

I am essentially back to my previous arguments of our general disconnect from nature and not viewing the domestic cat as a companion animal but as an object over which we have dominion.

The phrase “non-human person” discards the separation between them (animals) and us (humans). I have never felt that separation. I have always thought of my cat companion as one of us. However, most people think differently. The bible supports the difference while Darwins theory of evolution breaks down the barrier.

The dolphin is a non-human person that has a level of intelligence which makes it easy to think of them as individuals that are similar to us but different, so says Chris Butler-Stoudis the chief executive of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

There is a nice story in the Times today that both gave me the idea for this short post and which also describes the intelligence of the dolphin. An intelligence, incidentally, that many people are still yet to recognise and accept.

Kelly is a captive dolphin who was rewarded with a tasty morsel of food if she grabbed a bit of litter from the pool and brought it to her trainer. She decided the best way to get more morsels was to divide up bits of litter in to several pieces, which she did by tearing them up and bringing one piece at a time to her trainer. Now that is smart.

Science is gradually telling us that the idea of individuality, self-awareness and consciousness are not just human qualities.

Once that gets around and ingrained in people’s consciousness, it will be all but impossible to justify declawing cats.

Currently (Feb 2012) although cat caretakers say that their cat is a family member, many do not really believe it. When push comes to shove, their cat can be disposed of or declawed. This is something no self respecting person could do to a true family member reclassified as a non-human person.


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Non-human Persons Should Not Be Declawed

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Feb 23, 2012 I agree
by: Leah England

I agree Michael. If a person loves, truly loves their cat they would never hurt them or get rid of them.

By hurt I mean any sort of anguish, discomfort or pain except of course only that which is medically necessary.

Cats have a lot more intelligence than people give them credit for and they are a damn sight more perceptive that many people I know! For example I had a foster cat who we called Clive he had a mouse that if you pulled a cord at the back it would tremble. Right from the start he would put his paw on the body of the mouse and with his teeth he would pull the string then let go of the whole thing and watch it tremble. He got endless pleasure from this time and again. He also loved to play fetch. He was very intelligent and he loved to be with cats mainly, not people.

You see I believe that if you love your animal, truly love them you love everything about them; good and bad. That’s real love not turning an already perfect creature into your warped idea of perfection. I love all my 3 cats especially their claws because they are part of them flesh and bone.

Feb 21, 2012 Agree
by: Michael

Yes, Ruth, we think alike but sadly many people and many important people don’t think like this. It is time they did.

Feb 21, 2012 My thoughts
by: Ruth

I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t think of animals being the same as people but in different forms.
We are all conceived in the same way and born the same way and at first glance at a tiny embryo it’s difficult to say what sort of living creature it will be.
Human embryos look a bit like tadpoles to me.
I also can’t understand why it’s taken so long for vets to admit that animals feel pain. How could they not when they have hearts and brains and nerves the same as we do !
It seems to be all about the power humans have over animals, their ‘superiority’ because we can talk. Well so can animals but in different languages to us.
It’s past the time everyone should think of all living creatures, stop eating them, abusing them, wearing them, using them and mutilating them by cruel surgery like declawing.
Doing any of those things means a person thinks themself above all other species, that they are for him/her to use as they wish.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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