Non-stop Eclipse

by Teal Lindsey
(Stevens, PA. US)

Mace, Dude, Eclipse

Mace, Dude, Eclipse

I have an 8 year old, brown tabby Main Coon, name Eclipse. This feline is by far, the most affectionate and emotionally demanding.

Eclipse, like all Main Coons, has a lot of hair. Hair that get into places, stays on clothes and pillows. Because I can't help but say yes to her, I allow Eclipse to sleep with me: of course, she chooses my pillows, sleeping on my head most of the time!

Eclipse is the queen, not only because she's the oldest, but because I don't think she would have it any other way. I have two other cats, a younger, short haired male and a pure white female Maine Coon mix, named Mace. Both Eclipse and Mace are lovers and very playful on their own time. Neither of them meow unless it's time for food.

Living with Maine Coons is an honor, a pleasure and I wouldn't trade them for another breed. Even writing this, Eclipse sits on the desk watching every move, while, Mace sits at the door watching birds fly by.

Teal Lindsey

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Non-stop Eclipse

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Aug 07, 2009 lovely cats
by: kathy

Your cats are lovely. However i myself an prone to the Bengal breed. I raised them for about 6 years. however now i was fortunate enough to get one of my cats back after 5 years. Hes 13 years old now and he is the love of my life. I recently rescued one of the neighborhood feral cats. She is the ghost of a cat that i rescued about 15 years ago. The similarities are uncanny. They not only look the same but they act exactly how the old midnight acted. Your cats are beautiful. I feed our cats a brand of cat food called Diamond Natural for active cats. They recently built a new plant here in the US. I live with my son who also has two cats who are young. One has a sensitive stomach and cant tolerate any corn. The Diamond works out great for all 4 of our cats.

Aug 07, 2009 It is an honour!
by: Isabelle Brettenny

You're right, it definitely is an honour even though Turbo is only a mix. I am using a new brand of dry food for Turbo called Purina One. I am putting him on the 30 day challenge, here in South Africa. Turbo is definitely more energised since I've been complementing his Royal Canin with the Purina. I'll see how it goes. Eclipse is definitely the queen!!!

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