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Normal for cat owners to feel guilty about not letting their cat outdoors — 45 Comments

  1. Sorry part of that didnt make sense. What I was meaning in the First part is As the English Ways are very much part of New Zealand Life We follow alot of our customs to English just not totally thats all.

  2. Well as someone where my Cats have always can have an Inside/Outside Life. I dont feel Guilty the only time I felt bad when I had to let Jasmine not go outside. I feel for people who can’t do this. I think with having Animals Fixed It doesnt make them roam as much. Like they dont go very far at all. The furthest they would go Is Nxt Door Or down the Street. Which is not massivly busy.When picking another house I want it to be not in a busys area and have a cat friendly area. As its important that they have a place they feel safe in. I know many people will disagree but things here in New Zealand where I am is different.

    • NZ is very like England Kylee. Some people in the USA say cats should never ever be allowed out, but why should we deprive them if we live in cat friendly places!
      Like you are planning to when you move, we always consider our cats first and foremost too. We moved here after researching it well because we got cat hating neighbours at our old home, we would move from here if it became unsafe for our cats.

      • Yes New Zealand is alot Like UK as thats where our AnExactly Well The cats are Family members and one thing I learnt Off Cassy. When we Moved here, she was really Happy That made me realised If Cats are Happy it makes us Happy. Yes Im starting to Plan the Type of Place I want and Not Rush to the First Available Place. I want them to be happy and not in a too Busy area. I also want the area to be on the Flat so I can Get out more for myself. As I hearld that Outside cats dont live as long. I been abit Concerned about Tiger as he been snuffling and Sneezing more. Will Prob have take him to Vet if he Doesnt improve.

        • Outside cats maybe don’t live as long, but well looked after indoors/outdoors cats can do, many of ours have lived to 17 years old, long fulfilled lives!

  3. Outside of colonies, I have strictly indoor, indoor/outdoor, and a few strictly outdoor (feral) cats.
    I don’t try to make the I/O or outdoor cats become indoor ones because I don’t believe they would be content after having so much freedom; however, I worry to death about them.

    Many times I feel guilty not allowing complete freedom for the insiders. But, then I’ll have a cat stagger home to die or hear a raccoon killing one of my cats, and I throw those guilty feelings out the window.

    I tried carrying Damon outside to let him briefly feel the grass, but he was so scared that he clung and cried until we came in.

    • Interesting that you feel guilty. You’re British 😉 But it is particularly complicated in the US because of increased dangers from predators. There are no predators really in the USA who would kill a cat. The danger comes from cars and people (poisoning or airgun shooting).

  4. I am only interested in My babies not money. I am not a greedy man and that is I hope Michael know well about me.

    No money please

    Just when you attend the church or your place of worship, pray for me and my cats jazakallah 🙁

    • They say every picture tells a story and this is very true. I don’t go to any Church, but I will keep you and your family and all those cats in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Thanks a thousand times RUTH <3

        I have to share this to you

        I am their (Care taker/ FATHER). They were kittens, I rescued them from dangers. I made these boys and girls to live freely/ happily (without any stress) in my street. I tamed them according to the need of a cat's decency and I socialised them so no one could harm them anymore. I saw their beautiful kittens with my own eyes. They were with their mom and feral colony AUNTIES/ UNCLES. I called to PINKY several times and KHOLA. Because these two were body-guards of the kittens. Khola in the front, kittens all around following KHOLA and PINKY at the back of this convoy.

        I was observed it with my shining eyes and when ever I called "PINKEEEEEEEEE" a special tone from her kitten-hood. She rushed like a tigress to me.

        and I always kissed her on lips. Does any moslem do this? MY WIFE would KILL me 😉 .

        I fed those kittens several time but I let them roam free in a trust that perhaps my neighbors have changed their heart.

        But . . . This is the ultimate result. Alas I could speak CAT LANGUAGE or they could speak mine and understand each others words. I should say,"All pregnant moms (cats) should give birth in my terrace and not roam freely."

        One day, perhaps … they will learn it. I wish one day 🙁

        Thanks for the pray RUTH <3 🙁

        • The point is that it’s a cats instinct to roam and to breed and they have as much right to live as any other being has but some people don’t think that way. They think human beings have the right to use, abuse and kill animals and they do all that just because they can.
          This s such a cruel world and it would be hopeless in some countries if it wasn’t for kind people like you Ahsan.
          We are so lucky here that we have vets to neuter our cats for their own sake and to care for their health and we have Cats Protection and laws to punish people who hurt or kill cats.
          It seems to be a struggle alone for you there and we can only admire you from afar and be with you in Spirit. You need practical help but there is none for you apart from your lovely daughter and your street boys.

  5. Thanks Michael, interesting article.

    If you had asked me directly this question, I should straight away reply with NO CAT NO OUTSIDE.

    It all depends according to the circumstances we live, in the general attitude of people outside the world, within area or whole country etc.

    I can only say a sentence.


  6. I’m with you Michael, I would feel guilty if we had to deprive our cats of their freedom, in fact we wouldn’t live anywhere which wasn’t cat friendly and safe.
    I know there are places in the USA too dangerous for cats to go out but declawing started because of keeping cats always indoors, so many lost/lose their freedom and their toe ends too.
    What makes me angry is when people say cats don’t want to go out, of course they do, but what choice do they have if they can’t?
    We often read the question ‘How can I stop my cat trying to escape?’ Trying to escape says to me their home is a prison! Then the advice comes ‘Frighten them from the door with a loud noise’ ‘Set the dog to chase them from the door’ ‘Get a scat mat’ and so on….Until the cat is bullied into accepting his fate and gives up trying.
    That is not happiness, it’s acceptance!
    I know cats need to be kept safe but it makes me very sad that this is necessary, that much of this world is dangerous and that evil people who hurt or kill animals inhabit it.
    I don’t think all Americans will feel guilty, some will justify themselves like they do over declawing, many don’t seem to look upon cats as we do, as a family member with rights.
    That family you stayed with could have easily made an enclosure, most Americans could surely make some sort of outdoor run for their cats, there seems to be much more space there than here.
    I’d never want Fogle as our vet, our vets past and present do agree that cats need to live as natural a life as we can give them.
    Our vets don’t call themselves doctor, so I did a quick search on him and he was born and trained in Canada! That explains it! I wonder what his views are on declawing?

    • I was surprised that Dr Fogle says that many cats are OK indoors permanently. He did though say “many” cats not all cats which tells us that he is not completely in favour of an indoor life.

      • Ruth, fortunately, my cats have never tried to ‘escape’. They do come downstairs to the door and look out, but then they see the roadway with all the cars moving and they high-tail it back upstairs! It’s rather funny. I truly feel they know that they are safe with me, and I provide an extremely cat friendly home. I will, as I explained in an earlier comment, try to get them outside occasionally via a stroller — if they don’t get too freaked out by all the noise! My son and I have both held some of them and taken them outside, and they do not like it!! They immediately latch onto us and want to get back in the house. I do live on a major roadway with very heavy traffic. The noise is very scary to them. My oldest, Lilac (a lilac point Siamese), loves the snow — so once in a while — at night only — we will take her outside and let her walk in the snow! She never goes more than a few steps and is ready to go back in the house.

        • I really feel for you and for everyone living in dangerous places for cats. I think a cat in a stroller would feel trapped and vulnerable and possibly panic. Imagine people stopping to stare, a cat’s nightmare! Imagine the cat seeing the outside and the grass but unable to sample it and enjoy rolling in it in the sun.
          I think the best thing to do is to make inside as fulfilled as possible, which I’m sure you do, with lots of high places to climb, lots of attention, kitty grass, window seats, it’s the best you can do if you don’t have the room outside for a cat run of some sort.
          What a rotten cruel world this has become, the ancestors of our cats lived free but it isn’t safe for some to even go outside their own home now!

          • Ruth, believe me, my kitties have a very happy, fun-filled home with all the things you mentioned above — and TONS of love and attention from me and my son!!

            Just as a quick note and something to amuse you — a very good friend of mine who lives in NYC, has a kitty that she takes in a stroller to Central Park every possible day — weather permitting — and she (the kitty) absolutely loves it!! Tomoko has NEVER had problems with her kitty, Lulu. She is a very outgoing kitty and loves the attention folks give her. It’s actually become quite routine for them. Tomoko takes her with a harness and leash, and lets Lulu get out to explore a little while she is at the park. She also dresses her up in cute outfits — Lulu likes to get dressed up as well!! She is a beautiful flame point Siamese. The pics I see of her are absolutely stunning! I don’t know if my kids would like the stroller or not– mainly due to traffic noise. I use the stroller for all but 3 of my kitties (they are quite big!!) to go to the vets, and they seem to like the ride, but I don’t know how they would handle traffic noise if I were to take them for walks. They truly like being with Mom, and don’t seem to mind being inside with me!♥♥♥

            • Oh dear no comment about dressing cats up, how very different we are in England.
              It’s as well cats are so adaptable, the main thing is that they are happy.

    • I am American and i do NOT feel guilt over any thing that i do that is going to prolong the life of my cat. I do NOT follow any other persons advice whether professional or otherwise on the subject. I follow my heart which is suffice! I do NOT believe in declawing under any circumstance for any reason. PERIOD! Even if a cat is being kept inside his entire life. My cat recently got out on his own by destroying the screens in my apartment and helping himself to the outdoors. He was coaxed back inside after the scary discovery, but what would of happened had he become startled by something or someone and had to run and climb the nearest tree without having claws? It could turn nasty. I do hear of and see many irresponsible pet owners who allow their cats outdoors to roam free in unsupervised and dangerous areas, which results in fatalities. There is no accounting for ignorance and the results prove just that. For now and always, my cat will remain indoors and with all his claws intact to live out what i hope is a long and happy life.

  7. My cats are all indoor only babies. I sometimes wish they could go outside to get fresh air, but I live on a major roadway and have no yard as I live in an apartment. I feel that they are safer. I have tried with several to get them to walk on a lead with no success. I have recently purchased a stroller, and may give them turns at going out in it.I will try to get them out occasionally besides going to the vet!

      • Michael, not really. . . I know that this is best for them. My case is more of ‘feeling sorry’ for them, but I really don’t feel guilty — maybe due to the circumstances of the area I live. Even if I had a yard, and was able to let them out, it would only be under strict supervision. I just don’t trust people outside, plus, the circumstances in which I rescued them — basically, only 3 of my 12 are adopted — the rest are rescues from, literally, off the street — most as throw-aways or dumped. Another big advantage I have with them being indoor (and another reason I really don’t feel guilty) is that they aren’t exposed to fleas and such. The only time I have had to give them flea treatments was when my son carried them in from the greyhounds at our racetrack.

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