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North Carolina Governor vetoes Ag-Gag bill — 2 Comments

  1. I’m a believer in complete disclosure.
    It’s sad that investigations have to go undercover in order to bring the truth to light.
    There should be heavy fines levied and jail time for deceit.

  2. I should hope that this bill wouldn’t pass!!! There would be much more unreported crime in the world; And a hell of a LOT of ongoing suffering among animals, the elderly & young. The “bill” would allow no-fear of being reported to the law by someone..trying to do the “right, just & honorable thing” by reporting those who break the law. They could sure try and sue me (if it had passed) but I don’t have money or property to take…what would they do..”jail me”? I would have still reported what I saw (if I worked in a place that committed crimes). **A person should NOT have to worry about anything like that..for doing the “RIGHT THING”!!**

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