North Carolina must-see: American Museum of the House Cat features 30 years of cat collectibles

The Great Smoky Mountains is a top tourist attraction in North Carolina, especially during the fall. Now cat lovers will be even more eager to visit the Sylva area, which is home to a new cat museum. The exhibit of everything from cat antiques to cat collectibles should bring cat enthusiasts to the area year-round.

Dr. Sims among his many collectibles

The American Museum of the House Cat opened in Sylva back on April 1. The building consists of two rooms packed with 10,000+ cat related items, including mare rare and fascinating antiques.

Dr. Harold Sims (AKA CatMan2) began collecting all things cat about 30 years ago. Proceeds fund his Catman2 Shelter, a cage-free no-kill cat adoption center.

It’s been announced Dr. Sims is at the museum most days and is willing to share interesting tidbits about the items in his museum. The American Museum of the House Cat houses a bronze statue of the feline goddess Bastet that dates back to 600 B.C. as well as a petrified cat.

petrified cat

According to Romantic Asheville, The American Museum of the House Cat is in the historic Savannah School that also houses the big (and impressive) Old-School House Antique Mall. It’s four miles south of artsy Dillsboro on US Highway 441 at 4704 US Highway 441, Sylva NC. Phone: 828-293-7754. Admission is $5/person, $2/children under 12. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5.

I would LOVE to visit this place. With so much bad news concerning cats floating around the internet these days, it’s nice to see such a beautiful place devoted to the house cat. Thank you, Dr. Sims, for opening your museum to the cat-loving public.


Photos taken from Romantic Asheville.

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North Carolina must-see: American Museum of the House Cat features 30 years of cat collectibles — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, and both Carolina states need to better their image regarding cats and dogs. This makes positive news items about cats = 1. Negative news about cats & dogs = about a million! (okay… a lot).

    Good man Dr. Sims. If I’m out that way I will visit!


    • My ex and I used to go that way every few months. We knew a few cheap out-of-the-beaten-path places to stay. I miss those days.



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