North Korea is hell on Earth for cats and dogs

For three and a half years North Korea has been shut off from the rest of the world. The Covid-19 pandemic started the process. But before that they were an unknown nation. Except for the little man with a funny haircut. The world knows his appearance rather too well because he likes to develop his nuclear arsenal at enormous expense while his nation starves to death.

North Koreans are starving to death thanks to his policies
North Koreans are starving to death thanks to his policies. Image: MikeB
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A recent analysis suggests that if Kim Jong-un paused or stopped his nuclear weapons development programme the money saved would save his entire nation from starvation. He doesn’t care. He has no sensitivity towards his nation’s citizens.

A recent BBC television programme presented, with great caution, interviews with North Koreans today. It is clear that many North Koreans are dying of starvation. This isn’t the first time.

Kim Jong-un’s insensitivity has resulted in him threatening North Koreans with punishment if they waste food. As if people are going to waste food! They can’t find the stuff! They can’t get their hands on it. Hardly the circumstances under which people will waste it.

I’m afraid that Kim Jong-un is another slightly deranged dictator. I just written about Putin and Medvedev and his cronies. They, too, are in my view slightly deranged which literally threatens the survival of humankind.

A little while ago I wrote on the topic of whether there were cats and dogs in North Korea. You will find various answers to that enquiry. I started off by asking, “How are we going to know!”.

North Korea is the most secretive place on the planet. But I remember also that Kim Jong-un decreed that all cats (and dogs?) must be killed as well as pigeons during the Covid-19. The concept was to stop the spread of the disease because in his misplaced madness he believed that cats spread the disease when there was nothing among the scientific literature which supported that assertion.

But Kim Jong-un’s diktat of mass slaughter of people’s pets provides us with a clue as to the attitude in North Korea towards cats and dogs. I sense that this is not a good attitude! Pets have been declared as being too bourgeois by the dictator.

Also, pets are very expensive to look after properly. It seems that North Koreans are in general very poor because they are shut off from the world. The country can’t trade and generate wealth. They have to rely on their own food production.

My research indicates that North Korea has suffered the worst food shortage in decades in part because there was widespread flooding caused by heavy rains destroying crops and homes across North Korea which may be due to climate change. Also, the main agricultural product, potatoes, in the northern regions of North Korea has seen a dramatic decline in production due to drought.

To get to the point of the article. North Korea is hell on earth for cats and dogs. Fortunately, in my opinion, there aren’t many cats and dogs in North Korea and therefore not many of them are experiencing what I call hell. And if there were some there are less of them after Covid-19 for the reason mentioned above.

If some pets remain after all that, they must be starving to death just like their human owners. And if they aren’t starving, they’ve probably been eaten already by their owners. I wouldn’t expect there to be any pets left in that benighted country.

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