North Shore Animal League sending mobile unit south with supplies to help shelters in path of Hurricane Dorian

Port Washington, NY, USA: North Shore Animal League is sending their large mobile unit packed with donated supplies south to Florida and the Carolinas. They intend to return to Long Island with rescue dogs and cats to free up valuable space in the shelters in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

North Shore Animal League take supplies to shelters in path on Hurricane Dorian
North Shore Animal League take supplies to shelters in path on Hurricane Dorian. Photos: CBS New York
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CBSNewYork reports that shelters are preparing for an influx of animals displaced by hurricane.

North Shore Animal League put out a call for donations and within three days their mobile unit was fully stocked. The cages inside the vehicle are ram packed with supplies. They’ll be distributed to shelters in Hurricane Dorian’s path. They start their journey Tuesday morning.

“I felt like this was just something I could do that was a concrete thing because you get worried about what might happen…” – Suzette Filipski who donated.

People who have donated are either animal lovers or they have relatives and friends down south.

“That’s exactly what we do. We help one another. No matter where you are from in this country, you want to help others…” – Suzette Filipski

The Bahamas has been badly hit as the hurricane stalls over the island. Elisa wrote about animal shelter staff trapped in the shelter.

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