Northern Ireland: No killing of feral cats. Rehomed Instead

This is a very positive story about how to look after feral cats. It comes from Bangor, Northern Ireland. There is a planned development on a piece of land near the seafront to regenerate the area. There are also around 60 feral cats on this piece of land. Instead of trapping and euthanising the cats, the local government decided to trap neuter and rehome3 the cats with the assistance of a local charity, the well known Cats Protection, which does such good work in the UK.

“The cats are the priority here…but the cats have not held up any development here”…says Councillor Austen Lennon

We love to hear that sort of thing from a local government Councillor. It sounds exceptional but perhaps it is not. He is the sort of local government officer that one wants (for me).

Councillor Bangor N.Ireland

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Another man who loves his cats (I am presuming at the very least Cllr Lennon is sympathetic towards cats), is Dennis Cassidy who feeds the feral cats.

He wisely says that the cats do a service for the community by keeping the rodent population down. He is sad to see them being rehomed. He has been feeding them for years.

“The cats are doing the area a good turn because without the cats the place would be crawling with rats and mice…Even if you took all the cats away, probably 6 months down the line another colony will appear…”(Dennis Cassidy)

He is right about the rodents but I don’t think he is correct about another colony appearing if the development starts as soon as the cats are rehomed because the whole area will be severely disrupted.

Feeding feral cats

Cats Protection have trapped and rehomed ten cats so far. The work takes time and will probably be completed by March 2014.

This is the way feral cats should be treated – with respect. I have to mention that, as usual in society, there are people in Bangor who object to the excellent treatment of these cats. I suppose they just want rid of them.

Here is a photo of one of the cats, which by the way, look in good health.

Bangor feral cat

This is where Bangor is:

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  1. Note: My thanks to Ruth aka Kattaddorra for pointing this story out for me.
  2. Note: I believe that “rehoming” in this instance means relocation but it needs clarification.

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  1. What a heart warming story is so good to hear of animals coming before development for a change. I think the beautiful healthy Tabby and White cat is down to the guy that feeds them he will no doubt miss them 🙁


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