Norwegian Forest Cat Family

This page features a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat family and talks about the parents. Helmi very kindly sent me some fantastic pictures some time ago now. I confess that I had forgotten about them. How could I have done that?! I must have been sidetracked. Anyway, I downloaded the latest version of Picasa from the internet. Picasa and Picasa Web Albums are simply awesome. What a combination! Helmi Flick photographs and Google technology. Picasa made the collage and the video on this page. I wouldn’t have done this but for Picasa scanning through the hard drive and finding photographs that I thought were not there.

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Norwegian Forest Cat Family

The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of my favorites. This is partly because I lived with one many years ago. Actually, she was a Norwegian Forest Cat mix but very definitely Norwegian Forest Cat, nonetheless. Such athletism. What a climber! And how courageous. I adore these photographs. If you live with an NFC, can we hear from you? Try this input form.

NorseStar-Berit-of-ForestKatzThe Norwegian Forest Cat has a fine temperament. They are intelligent. They are quiet. I remember my girl making the smallest of meows – completely charming. Gloria Stephens (author: Legacy of the Cat) calls this cat a “definite cat”. She says that this breed of cat know what they are doing and how to achieve what they want. A nice sentiment but I think going just a tiny bit too far. The breed, though, is one of the most popular, which is hardly surprising considering their size (large, or in cat fancy language: “substantial” – see cat body types) and their heavy double coat made for those cold Norwegian winters and handsome face. Although at first glance there is similarity between the Norwegian Forest Cat, Maine Coon and Siberian cat they are quite different in a cat fancy sense (i.e. breed standard). And actually to those outside the cat fancy differences in appearance are quite noticeable. For instance, the Maine Coon is long and flexible and the NFC has a more pointed muzzle (this is my opinion). Although it is said that the cats may originate from the same source. The differences could reflect differences in evolution and breeding. Breeding has been the main driving force in differentiating the breeds in appearance. The Siberian cat and Norwegian Forest Cat share a similar early origin in that they evolved in pretty harsh conditions resulting in their thick coats, strong constitutions and finely tuned survival instincts.

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Gloria Stephens also says, in her fine book, that they are dependable and sensible. I wish all people were the same. The history of this distinguished cat breed took a massive turn towards celebrity in the 1930s when what was an “ordinary” moggie cat companion to Norwegians began the long journey to a finely developed show cat. The 1930s was the decade when this cat breed was shown at cat shows for the first time and who could resist developing the breed.

So, what about this gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat family? Well, Helmi Flick tells the story on her blog. The Norwegian Forest Cat family (minus the father it seems – he is directly below) were brought to the Flicks’ home in Bedford, Texas by cat breeders Jim and Donna Armel of ForestKatz who are based in Spring, Texas.

The Forestkatz website is quite special with a high quality design on the home page by Helmi Flick. The design features a fantastic Norwegian Forest Cat, “Treat”. To the left, on this page, is another wonderful Norwegian Forest Cat, from this cattery, who is also in a successful video. This cat is called Guri. His full name is RW QGC/CH HattKatts Guri of ForestKatz. He is extraordinarily distinguished and special looking. These are his awards:

2005-2006 TICA International # 4 Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 14 Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 2 BOB NFC Kitten
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 15 LH Cat
2005-2006 TICA South Central Region # 2 BOB NFC Cat
2005-2006 CFA Gulf Shores Region # 2 BOB NFC Cat

This photo (left) of RW QGC/CH HattKatts Guri of ForestKatz is copyright Helmi Flick – please respect it – thank you.

Guri is a Red Classic Tabby & White and his date of birth is: 12/04/2004. On their website, Jim and Donna Armel call Guri “G Baby”. The name made me smile because I can empathise with it. He is the “King of ForestKatz”. Well, when I saw him for the first time he looked like royalty to me. He is the sort of cat that demands and gets the red carpet treatment. G Baby is a very successful show cat. On their website, they also say he is one “Best Cat” rosette short from becoming a supreme champion. I wonder if he has achieved that yet? Not sure. Guri came to ForestKatz in 2005 from the cattery of Pete Meisinger and Donna Lawry, HattKatts. He was brought to ForestKatz with the objective of being the best possible sire for the cattery and he has lived up to that objective we are told. I am sure his offspring will achieve fame and fortune!

Now what about the Norwegian Forest Cat Family, as I called it, in the collage and video above? Well, you won’t be surprised to know that the father is the king himself, Guri. While the mother is RW SGC NorseStar Berit of ForestKatz (she’s the cat in the small picture above and to the right and in the video – first frame). What parents! Helmi says that Donna Armel calls the kittens her, “Angel Litter”. Their names are in the video as captions. The super six are: Ariel, Calli, Faith, Gabriel, Grace and Kadi.

And the picture of the cats gazing at and trying to catch the bubble (bottom right in the collage) illustrated a profile of this breed that was published in Cat Fancy magazine. You can’t get better than that. The Flicks are very careful in selecting the correct background. The background can make or beak a picture and on this occasion it is called “Green Felt”.  Just in case anyone wants to line up the Flicks for a photo session. Oh, and that bubble that graces the Cat Fancy photo was added in post processing, something Helmi is also skilled at.

Guri is a red classic tabby and white; the associations allow all traditional colors and divisions. Also NorseStar Berit of ForestKatz is a brown classic tabby & white. I try and summarise the breed standards of the major associations while showing more of Helmi’s photographs (and those of some other fine amateur photographers) in a large slide show on this page: Norwegian Forest Cat Picture [link]. Then there is lots more reading and viewing: Norwegian Forest Cat [link] – this takes you to a big page on this cat breed. This Norwegian Forest Cat family is stunning.

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5 Responses

  1. nancy leaptrott says:

    I have two Norwegians and I love them to death. They are my life. One is 9 and one is 11 and doing very well and healthy.. thank you for loving them too.

  2. Kelly Shoup says:

    I rescued a cat from a sanctuary as a kitten, his name is Biscuit. He is mostly all black, but does have white and silver in his very large bushy tail and belly. His muzzle is more pointed than i’ve seen on a cat like this, you usually see this kind of muzzle on one of the hairless cats, but i’m not certain what breed he is. He is gorgeous. He feels like silk, never felt a cat as soft as him before and i have 4 other soft cats. I think he is Norwegian, but not sure. Can I send a picture of him to you and you take a look?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Is there somewhere/somehow I could post photos of my cats? I think they may be Norwegian Forest Cats by their appearance but they are both rescues from the local SPCA. I’d like to get the opinion of someone familiar with the breed.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Cheryl. I decided to remove the standard uploader because a lot of people used it for spam. You can email me with the pictures and story if you wish. My email address is mjbmeister [at] – just change [at] for @ and make it a normal email address. I’ll then I’ll either email you back or publish the pictures and story on the site. Nice to hear from you.

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