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Norwegian Forest Cat Family — 5 Comments

  1. I have two Norwegians and I love them to death. They are my life. One is 9 and one is 11 and doing very well and healthy.. thank you for loving them too.

  2. I rescued a cat from a sanctuary as a kitten, his name is Biscuit. He is mostly all black, but does have white and silver in his very large bushy tail and belly. His muzzle is more pointed than i’ve seen on a cat like this, you usually see this kind of muzzle on one of the hairless cats, but i’m not certain what breed he is. He is gorgeous. He feels like silk, never felt a cat as soft as him before and i have 4 other soft cats. I think he is Norwegian, but not sure. Can I send a picture of him to you and you take a look?

  3. Is there somewhere/somehow I could post photos of my cats? I think they may be Norwegian Forest Cats by their appearance but they are both rescues from the local SPCA. I’d like to get the opinion of someone familiar with the breed.

    • Hi Cheryl. I decided to remove the standard uploader because a lot of people used it for spam. You can email me with the pictures and story if you wish. My email address is mjbmeister [at] gmail.com – just change [at] for @ and make it a normal email address. I’ll then I’ll either email you back or publish the pictures and story on the site. Nice to hear from you.

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