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Nothing better than snoozing, reading and playing with your cat outdoors — 4 Comments

  1. Gabriel is in his element in the garden. I love how he’s taking in every sound and all the different scents, even stopping to sniff the bluebells. Every sense is awakened and on high alert, ready to leap into action when some random insect comes flying past. This is the kind of mental stimulation you just cannot replicate indoors.

    I’ve recently started introducing Phoebe to my back garden. She’s 3 and spent her whole life in a flat until I recently adopted her. She only goes outside for brief periods, but she really enjoys investigating everything. She’s confident around the neighbours’ cats who regularly visit my garden and are friends with my other cats Charley and Horace. One strange behaviour I noticed was when she saw the normally friendly, Charley’s hostile reaction toward an intruder black cat, she adopted the same attitude towards him. Charley was slowly stalking after the black cat and she began to do the same. Charley is a bit of a wuss and when he noticed Phoebe also trying to intimidate the black cat into leaving, he suddenly stopped and left her to finish the job of escorting the intruder out of the garden. I’m curious to see how she will respond if she’s alone when she next encounters the black cat.

  2. Gabriel looks so happy being outside and even though there are dangers as there are for humans when we go outside he is a cat and they do love the outdoors as do we.I think what you are doing is great,Gabriel has the best of both worlds which I think all cats deserve.

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