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Notre Dame burning = €1 billion in 24 hours. Animal shelters, animals dying = €0.

Being a passionate advocate of animal welfare and particularly the people involved in animal welfare including of course animal shelters, it is galling to see pledges totally one billion euros from Europe’s super rich to repair and rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral when there are thousands of other more worthy causes.

The one billion euro donations to rebuild Notre Dam is an insult to more worthy charities. The banner reads: Notre-Dame is roofless, we too! Francisco Seco/AP

We are down to the nitty-gritty of what is more worthy of financial support, a church or animals in dire need. Lives. Or human lives. I feel that the lives of animals and humans are more important than a religious building. A building that was badly maintained because the French government did not want to maintain it. They offered 40 million euros when 100 million was needed.

Notre Dame was crumbling. There were large chunks of the outside of the building littering a garden where they had fallen BEFORE the fire. This was a neglected building with a low priority in the French government. And now it’s a national treasure. And people are complaining. The French want a piece of the one billion euros donations and I agree with them.

There are better causes for these sorts of charitable donations. It begs the question why the super rich and companies give large sums to Notre Dam and not to animal shelters.

The only reason can be publicity. They donate as a means to self-publicise. It is good for business and for tax breaks. There is little genuine altruism. Business and businessmen are not like that.

And the fire was probably caused by an electrical fault in the equipment fitted by the contractors who were repairing the roof (the lift perhaps). It was caused by what was a trusted contractor but which is now just one of those negligent contractors who burn down buildings they are meant to be repairing. It has happened numerous times in the past, e.g. Windsor Castle.

The homeless French have a banner which reads:

‘Notre-Dame is roofless, we too!’

That sums it up. I’d give some of the money to animal welfare organisations in the charitable sector.

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