Now there are three at the allotment!

by Betty
(Walsall Road Allotments, Birmingham, UK)

Number Three

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Number Three

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Earlier in the year I wrote about a feral cat which I had been feeding at the allotment, then a few weeks ago I wrote about a second one which had turned up.

Well, now there are three! The third one is the same colouring as the first, mainly white with tabby/ginger patches. When I saw it rolling on the soil where I had just planted some seeds (!) I thought it was the first one but then I realised it was a different cat altogether. It was much more wary of me and I had to take a chance to get the photo before it ran off.

I haven't seen Number One cat for over a week now and I'm wondering if she has had kittens somewhere.

I really should try to sort out the neutering of them I suppose.


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Now there are three at the allotment!

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Jul 05, 2010 Feeding the cats (Tracey)
by: Betty

Tracey, I forgot to say in my reply that other people at the allotment know that I feed them and know where I keep the food. I would only have to email them and they would take over if necessary. But thank you for thinking of that.

Jul 05, 2010 worried about neutering the females
by: Betty

Thank you Ruth and Tracey for your kind comments.

The CP helped us to catch and neuter a tom cat last year (never saw him again once he was returned!) and also rehomed two kittens we managed to catch. The only problem I have with having a female neutered is that she will be returned to us the same day that she has the operation. Obviously, as she is wild, we will not be able to keep her contained and I worry about releasing her so soon after the op. Do you have any advice about this?

Jul 05, 2010 You are an angel
by: Tracey (England)

You're an angel Betty however I would get them neutered if I were you; it really is the very best thing for them. My local CPL is inundated with kittens at the moment and they are very keen to neuter as many cats as possible.

Please also try North B'ham CPL

General Public Number: 0121 3776302
Helpline: 0121 377 6302
Adoption Line: 07830 208999

They cover B6, 7, 8, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 34, 35, 36, 42, 43, 44, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 Postcodes.

Please also tell another animal lover that you trust that you are feeding them that way they will still be fed if you are unable too as they will become dependant on you and stop scavenging for food.

You cats are lovely and you do take lovely photo's!

Jul 04, 2010 Another beautiful cat
by: Ruth

Hello again Betty, another beautiful cat. You do take some good photos !
Cats Protection will probably help you with the neutering of the cats.If it's the same procedure as when I was a CP volunteer a few years back, your local branch would loan you a trap cage and make arrangemets with a local vet for you to take the cats in whenever you caught them,leave them for neutering and then collect them and set them free again. Our branch did all those in fact for people like you kind enough to feed and worry about the homeless cats.If there are some young kittens they would more than likely tame and rehome them when they are old enough to be weaned.
The Birmingham branch telephone number is
01564 822020, you could always phone for advice if you want to.I think they will be glad to help you as otherwise eventually you'll end up with a whole colony.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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