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You ppl are fails

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You ppl are fails

I have an evil demon cat. Cats are stupid. You have no lives.

Dog Person

Hi Dog Person.. I wouldn't normally publish your short submission, more a comment than an article, but I have decided to because I think it tells us something about you and perhaps about a good percentage of dog people. And I do get a number of comments like yours on my YouTube Channel so I think it is worth my time responding.

First it tells me that you are very intolerant. You are saying that people who like cats are insane. It seems that it has not crossed your mind that most cat lovers are animal lovers and that includes dogs. A lot of people keep cats and dogs in harmony. Are these people insane too? Perhaps it is too complicated for you to grasp.

Secondly, you clearly have an anger management problem. It does seem to me that people who hate cats (which must be the case with you) do have anger management problems. They are often aggressive and perhaps use their dog as an overt sign of that aggression. They like to hurt cats too.

Some people say that people who have such closed minds as yours and who hate cats and like dogs (a polarized black and white viewpoint) are inadequate individuals who need a dog as a crutch.

What is amusing is that it is you who is showing signs of insanity. You clearly do not have a reasonable and balanced viewpoint.

It is insane to say that people who like cats are insane. Perhaps you won't understand that because your are ever so slightly insane!

You are also rude and uncouth. In case you don't understand the word "uncouth", it means: Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace. There is no doubt that the description applies to you.

I am responding to your comment to highlight the point that people who make these sorts of comments are ill-mannered people, who lack a proper education and who don't understand. They are ignorant.

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Oct 27, 2011 Wrong word
by: Jane A

I have to agree with Ruth.
Evil is the wrong word to use for an innocent creature which has no badness in it.
There are too many people with too high expectations of their pets,both cats and dogs.
Yes they can learn how WE want them to behave and of course they have to do so to be socially acceptable but at the bottom of each one is still the wild free spirit we crush!

Oct 27, 2011 Evil
by: Ruth

I understand what you mean.
But the definition of evil is 'morally bad or wrong or wicked' so I took it as that.
Animals know nothing about morals, it's only we humans who do and only us who can be evil.
We took animals from their natural surroundings many years ago for our own convenience and pleasure and expected them to conform to what we wanted them to be, not what they are born to be.
It upsets me if I ever read about people punishing 'bad cats' when as you and I and other cat lovers know, it isn't the cat that is bad, it's their caretaker !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 26, 2011 Evil?
by: Alisha

Ruth, please understand in my little excerpt the term "evil" was not being used to say that some animals do things we don't want them to on purpose. I was using the word "evil" to mean act in a way that we humans do not like. The purpose of my first post was to point out that animals turn out the way they are because of the people that raise them, and yes I have met these "evil" animals (animals that just never had a good upbringing).

Oct 26, 2011 I disagree
by: Ruth

No Alisha, no animal is evil, they don't have it in them like humans do. If an animal 'misbehaves' it's the caretaker's fault, they should never have a pet in their power.
But talking of 'misbehaving' it isn't actually that, because animal behaviour is different to human behaviour. You can't expect a cat not to meow !! Also scratching is natural necessary behaviour to a cat, they need to be provided with scratching posts and pads. Jumping up and breaking things, well any cat person knows cats like to be up a height, so all you need to do is provide some perches.
You can't expect a feral cat to adjust to domestic life overnight, if ever !
It's very easy to train a cat, not with punishment as that doesn't work, the cat only becomes nervous of you. You train a cat with patience and kindness, come to that you do the same with a dog.
There is no such thing as a bad animal, however there are bad caretakers and they are the ones who are either ignorant or evil, not their pets !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 25, 2011 Can be true
by: Alisha

Yes, some cats can be insane and annoying and evil. I have met my fare share, in fact I have lived with them growing up. These cats are the ones that have owners that didn't bring them up as well as they could have. Most of these cats were feral and brought in and are stuck in their ways, or people got cats as kittens and didn't train or socialize them and gave them to shelters because they mark everywhere, scratch everything, meow too much, jump on things and break stuff, etc.

I used to hate cats because I thought they were all this way. Then I met my boyfriends cat, who was the coolest most dog like cat ever. They babied him and raised him well. I eventually got a Ragdoll kitten, and he is the love of my life. Now I have a Savannah kitten, and gosh it is amazing what kind of pet you get when you put work into it!

So many people think cats are just a pet you get and then they are in your house and will be just perfect. Nope. Like a puppy, you have to work with your new pet and train it.

So yes, some cats are evil. Some dogs are evil. They are the ones that did not have a good foundation as a young creature.

Aug 16, 2011 you're in the minority
by: Rebecca

you'd probably hate it here in NZ... excerpt from an article published in the NZ Herald on Sat. 13 August:

"In a survey by the New Zealand Companion Animal Council, cats came out top, 48 per cent of households having at least one cat. For canine companions, the figure was much lower, 29 per cent of household owning at least one.

Pet ownership in general was higher than any other comparable country - almost 70 per cent of Kiwi households have at least one pet."

we love our little furry families 🙂

Aug 02, 2011 odd people
by: Rebecca

yup, general concensus in my family : this person is very odd.

I feel very sorry for you that you feel hate for any kind of animal. They all need care & kindness.

I love animals, I think if my circs. were only slightly different I could be a hoarder! I have 3 cats who are such a tightly knit well-balanced unit that although I REALLY want more - every time we're at the vet I see more of their adoptables - I couldn't hurt my pack that way. I'd love to have birds and fish and mice and rabbits... but my pack would scare them into very short lives. I'd LOVE to adopt a dog but I can't physically manage or realistically afford the proper care & training. So I have 3 cats. And lots of local furry friends.

I feel very sorry for you that you feel hate for any kind of animal. They all need care & kindness.

Aug 01, 2011 Nuts
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

I have had various pets since i could walk and talk from childhood! Over the years have had, hedgehogs, cats, birds, fish , reptiles and dogs as pets besides being an "air-gun" hunter during my youth in the 1970's.In other words, have been a total "Outdoors Human" , living with nature.
Owned dogs continuously from 1976 to 1995, later changing over to cat ownership due to a change in my personal living conditions.At present own two persian cats matahari and matata, my non-human companions.
Get my pet ownership bio-data analysed by a "Psychologist" and find out if i am a "NUT"?
I havan't given my professional data as this topic concerned "Pet Owners" as "Nutty people".
Modern science has proved that humans owning any type of pet or pets were much happier people than "Non-pet owners". Hope this doesn't raise another debate as it is a "FACT" of living.

by: L.Fellober

For the person who called us cat lovers insane, guess what, I have a dog too, a bird and fish. Wake up, as you were already told by Michael, we are animal lovers, just what are you? Would you like to be judged in the same way as your judging, I think not, think about that one. Along with other animals lovers, including our cats we enjoy all our animals.

Aug 01, 2011 Well said Michael
by: Ruth

Well said Michael, I agree with every word !
Nuts if you don't like cats there is a simple solution, don't come to cat sites.

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