NVR Miss Litter Box

I first saw the NVR Miss litter box on the Floppy Cats website. I reached out to NVR Miss to see if they would be interested in allowing me to review their box because I am a cat behavior consultant and veterinary technician. I am constantly making great recommendations to my clients and wanted to have some more cat products I could whole heartily recommend and would use myself.

My previous alternative to this box was using a large sized storage tote which worked for litter scatter but was not aesthetically pleasing like the NVR Miss Litter Box. Having a fancy looking litter box is preferred over a cheap alternative if you want your house to look nice or your animal rescue to look professional. The other commonly used alternative to this box is using a super large litter box which is great for some families but not good for people working with limited space.

Brown NVR Miss Litterbox

White NVR Miss Litterbox

The entrance on this box is on the side instead of an end like a traditional box that encourages the cat to align their body (lengthwise) in such a fashion that will prevent them from kicking cat litter out or spilling it over the sides. This alignment will prevent the cat from peeing toward the low entrance also which can prevent a total mess. This box is very high sided as you can tell from the photograph above. The walls of this litter box will eliminate any potential risk of having cat litter kicked out from rambunctious cats or cats who like to play in cat litter.

The NVR Miss Litter Box features a short entry for a pain-free and quick entrance for senior cats or those with mobility issues like cerebellar hypoplasia. The highest selling point of this box is that it can save cat litter and keep your house clean while taking up minimal space. The second highest selling point is that it is made with a different type of finish (surface tooling) which means it will last longer without obtaining a stench in the plastic like most storage boxes will or a traditional litter box will after some time has elapsed.

At first, I thought the box was too small for my 3 biggest cats who were all over 15 pounds. I have one Ragdoll, one Maine Coon and one Siberian who were very curious about the box and wanted to use it immediately. Over half of my personal cats voluntarily used this box the very first day without hesitation and the other half of my cats ended up using it after two days. The box comes in white and brown but I find the white to be the most appealing color for my household and find it used the most.

The animal shelter that I gave one copy of the NVR Miss Litter Box to also found big success in keeping cat litter off the floor which was becoming a big chore for staff to keep up with. They stated that they would like to have two more boxes because the cats in their community room like to make messes. Having a box that prevents litter scatter and spillage will make any animal shelter look beautiful along with saving time for the staff to work on more meaningful tasks.

The box will hold approximately 14 to 15 pounds of cat litter and still have one inch of clearance from the opening. The litter box is 21 inches long, 15 inches wide and 11 inches high which makes it a very compact box that is easy to store or find a spot for that does not conflict with your house layout.

This box is ideal for large cat families and fancy homes that want to safeguard their house from the inevitable spillage of cat litter that you would see with a normal litter box. This box has also been highly praised for its ability to keep a cat from peeing onto the wall behind the box for cats who have been known to urinate vertically or stand when they urinate. I recently met two cats who had hip issues that did this very commonly. I love using this box for cats who recently have had a FHO surgery which removes the femoral head since they need a small entry box during recovery. I had first-hand experience with a cat in the last week who always vertically urinated despite being fixed but did not like going to hooded boxes and I immediately knew what to recommend for their problem.

The NVR Miss Litter Box is manufactured in Canada with high-grade material that prevents the build-up of bacteria from cat urine or feces that you would see with other litter boxes. The smooth finish, flat floor, and radiused corners allow for easy cleaning and prevent urine clumps or feces from sticking. It has become a house favorite and will be for or a long time. f you have trouble with your cat sticking their butt out of the box and missing the box or urinating straight out, this is the box for you. There is a rescue discount available if you contact the seller directly on their website. Unfortunately, this product is not available on Amazon. You can buy a box by clicking here.

I received this product for my cat rescue at no cost to me in exchange for writing this review. The free product did not persuade my opinion and my views on this product do not necessarily reflect the opinion of other writers on this website. The product is now available in blue and red – unfortunately, the product does have high shipping cost so I always recommend ordering multiples. My second favorite box is the Nature’s Miracle high sided litter box. All of the opinions listed are my own after extensively testing this product with over 20 cats from a range of different backgrounds and personalities.

  1. Aesthetics: 10 out of 10
  2. Cleaning: 9 out of 10
  3. Uniqueness: 9 out of 9
  4. Ease of Use: 10 out of 10
  5. Packaging: 10 out of 10
  6. Durability: 8 out of 10
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  • Thanks for the review Zach. It is useful to have reviews through first hand direct day-to-day usage.

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