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NY Senate passes bill S2305A for state animal cruelty registry — 7 Comments

  1. It’s significant but needs to go nationwide with the registry rules the same in every state. It’s not significant in that most charged won’t fall under Buster’s Law and they have to be convicted under Busters Law to be made to register.

    What I wonder is whether incidents of CDV may decrease since the convicted won’t be allowed to own pets. A lot of women won’t be with a man who won’t accept their cat or dog. And a lot of women also won’t be torn to stay in a dangerous relationship because they think they have no where to safely take their dog when they leave. I did several articles about that issue on Examiner. There are places that will help with boarding fees or allow the abused to keep their pet with them.

    • How many people do you expect to end up on the register? I would hope there are not that many cases, which should not have too big an impact on other areas as you suggest.

      • I think there are quite a few cases that deserve to end up on there, but like I said, the courts don’t have the manpower or the money to pursue tough sentences. They plea bargain down to a fine and community service in most cases.

        I really do think the fact that the person registered can’t ever own a pet is the biggy here. Hopefully some of the women out there will get smart and realize someone dangerous enough to be on the registry isn’t relationship material.

  2. It’s actually a good thing when a known animal abuser moves on to humans – it officially proves the point. Clearly the only thing that really pushes laws is when bad things happen to humans. So be it. Lets hope animals abusers get caught abusing humans again and again. The ones I am scared of are the ones who stick to only animals.

    • Good point. The reason for the register is probably to protect people. Also, I feel sure that most animal abuse goes unreported and unprosecuted.

      I guess this law is at least something in the right direction.

  3. This is a great idea and shows committment and enlightenment. Well done NY.

    A register of animal abusers is a massive deterrent first and foremost and as animal abuse leads to other violent crimes it makes sense to keep an open record to protect the public and animals.

    Perhaps legislators understand better the importance and significance of animal abuse crimes.

    They are indicative of a damaged and potentially criminal mind. These people should be tracked. They are dangerous.

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