Obituary of beloved 18-year-old cat in Vermont has raised more than $3,700 for local Humane Society

An obituary for a beloved cat in Bellow Falls, Vermont who was euthanized after a battle with kidney disease has helped raise more than $3,700 for the local Humane Society.

Private Silas Goodrich with his BFF(Facebook)
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Pvt. Silas Goodrich, 18, was eulogized by his loving owner Charlie Hunter on November 8, 2018. The obituary (which is longer than obituaries for the average person) is very touching so please take the time to read it.

+/- Feb. 1, 2001-November 8, 2018

Secure in the knowledge that beloved Texas Senator Ted Cruz had won re-election, and that Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who he never trusted) has been fired, Pvt. Silas Goodrich, age 17 years and 10 months, shuffled off this mortal coil Thursday, November 8, 2018. Attending were longtime companion York (who lay next to him as the dose was administered), vets Brandy and Vinnie (who could not have been more gentle), and the-round-headed-kid-who-brings-him-food, Charles (who patted him while weeping unhelpfully). The cause of death was incipient kidney failure, helped along with a generous push-out-the-window by the attendant humans.

Without his knowledge or consent, Goodrich amassed a cult following late in life due to the popularity of a sticker bearing his visage that began appearing around his hometown. A private cat, he shunned attention of almost any kind, with the exception of a deep fondness for his morning brushing. He preferred the appearance of his hindquarters to that of his face, and had he known about the stickers, he likely would have preferred that portion of his anatomy be featured.

Named after an obscure member of the Louis & Clark expedition, Goodrich’s namesake was notable for two accomplishments: being the best fisherman of the entire Corps of Discovery and also for contracting more venereal diseases during the winter at the Mandan Villages than any other voyager.

Goodrich, a lifelong resident of Bellows Falls, Vermont, was born in early 2001 and was initially slated for kittenhood drowning prior to being rescued by his humans and adopted by his “mother,” Meriwether, whose own litter had recently been subject to a forced diaspora. Meriwether predeceased him in late 2008. In early 2009 he met his longtime companion, York. Since then, the two have gone on many backyard adventures together and appear, in most photographs to be conjoined at the hip.

Although of limited intelligence (laser pointers were somewhat beyond his grasp), Pvt. Silas Goodrich was a cat of great convictions. He loved, at least when warm and sunny, “The Otsid”, a back yard of Edenic proportions, uneasily shared with neighbor cats and not-quite-to-be-trusted members of the Lynch and Harty households. Although otherwise generally disappointed by his surroundings, Goodrich enjoyed sleeping by radiators, patches of sunlight, York, and the woodstove. He was fond of “the gud fud” and of occasionally (and proudly) hunting mice. When successful, Goodrich was always careful to leave at least a portion of each rodent at a spot where his humans were likely to step on it.

Goodrich’s political tastes were eclectic. An early and somewhat inexplicably ardent supporter of former Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal before turning to Donald Trump in 2016, Goodrich also variously supported the re-election of George W. Bush, Occupy Hadley Street, the Tea Party (“Don’t Tread on Me” was a favorite slogan) and -somewhat surprisingly- embraced Muslim Fundamentalism for several months in 2005.

“It was always interesting having a conversation with Silas,” said long-time housekeeper Charlie Hunter. “You never knew what cause he’d all of a sudden embrace. But when he did, he would be all in.”

A memorial service and interment of ashes in The Otsid, near where Goodrich spent many sullen hours sitting amongst the hostas, will be scheduled in the future. In lieu of flowers and mouse body parts, the family requests those who wish to honor a feline life well lived make a donation to the Windham County Humane Society in Goodrich’s name. Those desiring a SLAS sticker (for that is how he spelled it) are asked to make a donation, however small, then to let us know the address to which we are to send the sticker.

“Some cats see things as they are and ask ‘why’,” said Hunter. “Silas, on the other hand, saw things that never were and also asked ‘why.’ Repeatedly, loudly and usually in the middle of the night.”

He will be missed.”

Silas’ face for donations (Facebook)

Charlie asked for donations to be made to Windham County Humane Society in exchange for a sticker of Silas’ face. The total stands now at a whopping $3,711! Charlie says doing the fundraiser for the Humane Society has helped him deal with the grief over losing Silas.

What a wonderful idea! Silas lived a long life, was well-loved and his obituary was fit for a king. Good job, Charlie. For anyone who wishes to make a donation, the link is here. You’ll be directed to a donation page.

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  1. Eliza – Thanks so much for publicizing Silas’ obituary. The local NBC affiliate just stopped by to do a story.

    Just so folks know, Silas’ “political opinions” came about because what he really enjoyed doing was walking into a room where I was working, and complaining for a minute or two, then wandering out.

    I am politically very liberal. Thus it was funny to pretend that he was coming in to tell me everything I knew was wrong.

    I just want to clarify that I think our love for our pets transcends politics, so I would ask anyone who reads this to know that it is all in the spirit of gentle fun, and no political “points” are trying to be made.
    – Charlie

  2. Would you please forward this to Michael, Elisa. Shrimp was my Voyeur, besides Makita, my second cat, my beloved, who used to follow Madeline and me to the laundromat, across the street. Shrimp and I and Kita are inseparable.


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