Ocelot Domestic Cat

“Ocelot Domestic Cat” is incorrect. People are getting mixed up between the ocelot and the Ocicat. The ocelot is a small, beautifully patterned, wild cat species living in Central and South America and at one time in the south of the United States. It can be tamed but is unsuitable as a domestic cat.

Ocelot domestic cat
“Ocelot domestic cat” is incorrect. The photo of the Ocicat is copyright Helmi Flick.
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The Ocicat is a rare, totally domestic cat multi-hybrid that is designed to have the appearance of the wild cat or at least give a sense of the wild cat ancestor. It is a mix of three cat breeds: Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair.

Ironically, the Ocicat was created with the intention of slowing the importation of small wild cats into North America. Ocelots are sometimes imported as “pets”. So these cats are linked in that way.

So, there you are. If you are searching for “ocelot domestic cat”, change your search to “Ocicat domestic cat” or simply click on this link to read more about the Ocicat.

5 thoughts on “Ocelot Domestic Cat”

  1. Errm – ocelot-domestic crosses have been bred. The first was an accident in a household with a rescued ocelot. The second was to confirm the paternity of the offspring. The ocelot has since gone to a permanent home and I’ve no further info on the offspring. There was no intention to create a breed, but it has confirmed the inter-fertility of the 2 species.

  2. The Ocelot is incredibly beautiful. Another of the smaller wildcats I would love to meet one day! Stunning creatures – I love them from what I have learn’t. I hope they don’t dissapear. That’s my first thought when I admire any animal: “how soon will we kill it off” …even fish, when I think of them too I have that exact same thought before I can enter any further into admiration for such beautiful creatures we have here. It’s reached that point.

    It’s now a matter of when, no if. And my first question is a painful when. Actually when I think of an animal, or see a photo of one on the internet – the more I like it, or think about it, simply, the ore pain I feel because the more I understand what we are losing.

    • I know exactly how you feel Marc because humans are systematically destroying all of nature and animals and if they don’t stop it can only end one way, then it will be too late.

    • I am the same. It appears to be all disappearing. Sometimes I choose a subject based on what people search for even if it is wrong as it helps to straighten people out.

      There is quite bit of trade in ocelots amongst “exotic cat aficionados”. They treat them like pets but they have to be in enclosures. They are semi-tame but wild. You know when are you sitting next to a tamed wild cat. They are very far removed from a domestic cat in temperament.


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