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Ocelot Sounds — 11 Comments

    • I hope the audio files worked for you. Could you tell me if they did?

      When you hear these vocalizations from a small wild cat not much bigger than the domestic cat you see how different the small wild cats are.

      They make the domestic cat seem very soft and pampered and rather feeble.

      • Audio was great.
        Somewhat comparable sound by the baby bobcat I brought home when young.
        Unbelievable that such small cats can make such noise.

          • Hello there. The articles you made sir about cat sounds are the most comprehensive and informative that i have read. Yet, i still did not found the sound of leopard cubs/kittens i was looking for. I am currently conducting a study and this sound that the cubs make are rather a mixture of laughing chirp (this is my best description though) if you can help me for some references it would be of great help sir thanks).

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