Ocelot Sounds

There is a dearth of information on ocelot sounds but what I can gather together, is here. The ocelot is one of the better known small wild cat species. They say that there may some in the very south of America. They used to be there but are they there any longer. Perhaps these audio files may help to identify one?

Ocelot Resting

Ocelot Resting. Photo by Jeremy Keith on Flickr

The best book on the planet on the wild cat species – Wild Cats Of The World by the Sunquists (fabulous book) has very on ocelot vocalizations. There is so little I feel I can quote it verbatim without being in breach of copyright.

“The ocelot also has a number of friendly close-range vocalizations, including a long, drawn-out yowling call given while mating.”

At least one thing is certain; the small wild cats may on occasion be similar in appearance to the domestic cat e.g. sand cat and Andean Mountain cat (I have deliberately excluded the North African wildcat) but they sound awfully different. The sound is truly wild and much more aggressive than the domestic cat. The difference is very noticeable.

It is a reminder to us that although people are attracted to treating a small wild cat such as the ocelot as a “pet” you won’t get a pet; you’ll get true wild cat who could scare you to be honest.

Here are some audio files of ocelot sounds…..

Furious Ocelot Growl

Ocelot Sounds

Ocelot Sounds Like an Alien

More Ocelot Sounds

Video from BCR on the ocelot

Overview of the Ocelot

“….the most wonderful tangle of stripes, bars, chains, spots, dots and smudges, which look as though they were put on as the animal ran by” 1929 by Ernest Seton in Lives of Game Animals.

This is brightly patterned small wild cat species living in Mexico, Central America and down through South America until it gets too cold!

A sad fact is that it’s beautiful coat (traders would call it a “pelt” to be “harvested”) has resulted in mass exploitation for the consumer market. The marketplace for women.

The ocelot weighs 8-10 kgs. Apparently there is a record of an ocelot weighing 45 pounds in Texas.

The ocelot feeds on mammals and hunts at night. Most of their prey weigh less than one kilogram; for example: mice, rats, rabbits, snakes, fish and lizards. The opossum is a favorite prey item.

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Ocelot Sounds — 6 Comments

    • I hope the audio files worked for you. Could you tell me if they did?

      When you hear these vocalizations from a small wild cat not much bigger than the domestic cat you see how different the small wild cats are.

      They make the domestic cat seem very soft and pampered and rather feeble.

      • Audio was great.
        Somewhat comparable sound by the baby bobcat I brought home when young.
        Unbelievable that such small cats can make such noise.

          • Hello there. The articles you made sir about cat sounds are the most comprehensive and informative that i have read. Yet, i still did not found the sound of leopard cubs/kittens i was looking for. I am currently conducting a study and this sound that the cubs make are rather a mixture of laughing chirp (this is my best description though) if you can help me for some references it would be of great help sir thanks).

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