Ohio Is Tired Of Animal Cruelty


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Nitro Sarge taken shortly after he was shot Sarge upon arrival at Toledo Area Humane Society

Good morning everyone. First of all I'd like to tell you the people of Ohio are tired of animal cruelty. They are raging over the low life's in their state who suddenly have the idea it's OK to abuse companion animals. I've joined their fight, even tho I live 1000 miles away.

I realize this is another dog story, but this law will affect dogs and cats. I believe there are many more cases of animal cruelty against cats than we hear of in the news. Probably because cats by nature tend to go off and die alone. Or the abuser disposes of the cat and no one is the wiser.

I'm going to break my own rules and put my two cents in right at the start. Not only is it inconceivable to me for a supposedly civilized society to abuse animals, the punishment these abusers receive is almost always a slap on the wrist for the pain they cause to these animals and the people who care deeply for them.

I'm still fighting mad and I'm still ready to go choke the next person who says "it's only an animal." My answer to that is READ THIS - Kids Killing Cats. Better yet, send a copy of it to your senators. Many people just don't get it. The next victim could be human.

Ohio is one of only seven states that doesn't consider first offense animal cruelty a felony. Unfortunately, until the law is changed, cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and little or no jail time.

Nitro's Law HB 70 has passed the first round in becoming a law. However, it now sits dead in government red tape awaiting approval by the senate. This law really needs to be pushed thru before any more animals such as Sarge and Tyson have to suffer abuse at the hands of us humans. For more on Sarge and Tyson here are their links.

Tending for Tyson who was kidnapped and shot

Tending for Tyson and justice for Sarge

By the way, Tyson's family is still needing help with the vet bills. See their Facebook page listed in the linked pages above on how you can help.

Until this Ohio law passes I'm afraid more animals are going to die because the law is so weak.

There is also another case that didn't get as much attention. That dog is Darby and she had caustic chemicals poured on her fur. Darby is recovering under the care of her foster mom Mona Guinaugh of South Toledo. Thank you Mona, for being part of a non-profit agency that rescues dogs.

Now for Nitro's story.

Nitro's Law is named after Liz Raab and Tom Siesto's dog Nitro, who was sent for a summer camp run by Steve Croley, owner of High Caliber K-9 located in Youngstown, Ohio. They unknowingly sent their dog to the facility for dog training with the belief he would have a great summer, receive some training, and basically enjoy the whole experience. Liz and Tom even had dinner with Steve Croley and his wife and had no clue they were sending Nitro to his death. Test showed Nitro probably died from a combination of starvation and dehydration.

In October of 2008 a humane agent saw several dogs on the High Caliber K-9 property that appeared malnourished and weak. Seven were found dead and many others were staggering from lack of care. Croley was originally charged with 19 county of animal cruelty and neglect, but Youngstown City Prosecutor Jay Macejko said the Humane Agents with Animal Charity entered the property without proper warrants. Therefore, Croley was only charged with the death of the four dogs the agents saw OUTSIDE in Croley's yard.

Croley was sentenced on January 22, 2009 to serve 4 months in jail. That comes out to one month per dog found dead on his property. There were many more dogs seriously injured under his care. He was placed on probation for three years and fined $1000 and ordered to pay $1796 in restitution. He will again be allowed to keep animals after the three years of probation are up.

He gave his reason for allowing the animals to starve as "no money". Yet many clients paid him from $400-$2000 for him to care for their dogs.

One change this law will bring is to enable prosecutors to charge kennel owner's with 5th degree felony for failing to provide companion animals with necessities such as food, water and shelter. This is now only a misdemeanor in Ohio. The new law will enable first offenders to be prosecuted as felony cases. Which will hopefully deter those who enjoy harming animals.

Ohio Representatives Ronald V. Gerberry and Robert F. Hagan introduced Ohio HB 70.

The problem with the first draft of the bill was it only affected those who breed dogs for sale or own kennels. It has since been amended.

Under the current law it's only a misdemeanor for to commit an act of cruelty against an animal. A felony charge is only enforced for repeat offenders. If the animal cruelty cases involving Tyson and Sarge had happened in any of the 43 states that consider abuse a felony, those charged would be looking at some serious charges.

Toldedo Municipal Judge Frances Gorman stated that animal cruelty cases are treated as second degree misdemeanors with jail time not to exceed 90 days in jail. This has got to change NOW.

John Dinon, director of the Toledo Area Humane Society believes weak laws and economic hardships have contributed to the problem.

I've been following the cases of Sarge and Tyson since the beginning. Sarge is now in the custody of the Toledo Area Humane Society where he is hopefully at the beginning of a new and happy life. Look at the two pictures of Sarge at the beginning of this article. The first was made not long after he was shot and the second was made a few days ago at the Toledo Area Humane Society. He's SMILING!! He still has a long way to go before he can be adopted out. Tyson is undergoing surgery on Monday to remove the bullet and his eye where he was injured back in June. His vet had to wait until he was stable enough to handle the surgery.

I've made a lot of new friends in Ohio and I know I speak for all of them that this type of abuse is not going to be allowed to continue. Residents there are becoming angrier with each shooting. Animal lovers have had enough. The residents in Ohio need help in getting Ohio HB70 passed as soon as possible. Before another animal has to suffer abuse at the hands of us humans. Here is a list of all of the Ohio senators and how to contact them.








Ohio Is Tired Of Animal Cruelty to Cats and the Law

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Ohio Is Tired Of Animal Cruelty

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Oct 19, 2011 animal abuse in Ohio
by: Anonymous

I live in Ohio, orginally from another state however (thank God). The laws for animal rights here are so ridiculus. I have reported animal abuse, such as dogs being double chained down, left outside day & night in horrible conditions, starved, etc.. nothing gets done, the owners get away with this crap! They sit in their warm, dry home while their animals are left outside to suffer! This state sucks for protecting animals. It is so difficult to witness animals treated this way, knowing that this abuse will continue. The worst was watching this rotty being treated so poorly and then they went and got a puppy, how sick is that? I am so disgusted!!

Jul 01, 2011 MONSTERS!!!!!
by: Nicki Fox

WHAT MONSTERS how disgusting lm so disgusted that there is lowlife monsters killing innocent animals l will watch out for anyone that comes from ohio that visits my country and if l see or find out that u have hurt or killed any animal in my country u will pay the penalty from the law anyway u have a very bad reputation already in my country all of us know that (most) of u stupid corn f#ck#rs that where born and bred there are so freaky the freakiest out of all america as heaps of americans have told us aussies when we ask them what towns are safe to visit even towns like carolina the child killing town and virginia the home town of the KKK are REVOLTING PLACES and what about what harry conick junior said about us aussies about being raciest he is a HYPOCRITE we seen him with black makeup on posing as an african american priest this photo was on the net and he admitted to it and his pathetic reply was oh its only a joke and his got the cheek to bad mouth us at least those guys that did that act of the jacksons where BLACK themselves and that we are disgusted in darol summers for apologising to the world hey hey its saturday ROCKS so next time keep ur HYPOCRITE noses out of our buissness and that goes for PINK the only reason we dock the tails off sheep is to stop fly blown have u ever seen a poor sheep after its been fly blown it suffers in agony by docking there tails they dont have to die in agony and there is no way that any farmer can possibly wash the backsides around 20 times for each sheep a day no other animal in my country is allowed to have there tails docked as the law stops it but for sheep this is the only way to save them from flys so mind ur own buissness out there as u havent got a clue how to take care of an animal and as for britany spears u call us stupid what did u say when u were 17 l DONT EVEN KNOW IF lM A WOMAN YET OR A GIRL how DUMB are u l know these losers wont get the chance to read this but as for the rest of u pass this info on please as us AUSSIES are SICK of ur gutter mouths towards us (THIS ONLY GOES OUT TO BAD ARSE AMERICANS ONLY) and if l get a reply from anyone that defends these losers than ur just as bad as them and dont pick on my spelling cause that will really show how PATHETIC u are!

May 18, 2011 Gassing Ohio Dogs/Cats
by: Anonymous

Just look at how far between the comments are here concerning the gassing of animals in Ohio! Unbelievable! How do we expect to get this stopped if we appear to not give a damn??? The killing/murder of these animals just doesn't seem to matter to anyone but the animals!!! The Governor can absolutely stop this with the stroke of a pen, it is so unbelievably cruel, but, if no one gives a damn and no one is doing anything, it AIN'T going to happen!!! People of Ohio, grow some B*LLS and stop this....these could be your animals!! We must stop breeding.......either free spay and neuter or at the very least, mandatory or restricted spay/neuter to stop the over abundance of animals ending up homeless and unwanted!!! Only WE van stop this inhumane treatment of animals....we must also stop the puppy mills and selling pets in pet shops!!

Apr 18, 2011 Gassing Ohio Dogs/Cats
by: Anonymous

I don't think ANY state that allows gassing any animal to death, has any clue as to what animal abuse is!! Ohio still thinks gassing is OK...every state MUST stop abuse during an animals last terrifying hours in a shelter. Gassing and heart stick are so disgusting and cruel, I cannot imagine why citizens in Ohio and other "gassing chamber" states don't grow "b*lls" and stand up to demand that this ugly procedure stop!!!

Nov 30, 2010 steve croley
by: Kathi Burns

Wasnt he put on 3 years probation????

He owns 2 dogs and his probation was to not have any dogs??????? HE NEEDS REPORTED!!!!!!

Sep 27, 2010 Steve Croley
by: Anonymous

Steve Croley nows resides in Austintown, Ohio and owns 2 dogs.

Sep 27, 2010 Steve Croley
by: Anonymous

Steve Croley nows resides in Austintown, Ohio and owns 2 dogs.

Sep 13, 2010 Stronger Penalties for Animal Abuse Needed
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

When someone kidnaps and kills someone's pet that crime should be treated as seriously as if they kidnapped a child or other family member and killed them. I know a lot of fellow Christians would disagree with me, saying that it's just an animal, and animals don't have souls (how do we know that anyway?) and we need to put human life above animal life, etc...
But I'm reminded of the parable Nathan told King David. Remember? He told a story of a rich man who had lots of flocks and herds and a poor man who had one thing-- a little lamb. This lamb was treated as a pet-- it slept in the man's bed, it ate at his table, it was loved by his children. The rich man takes this poor man's lamb, kills it and serves it to his guest. Upon hearing this David responds, "The man who did this deserves to die!"
David's response was such because of the relationship the poor man had with this lamb-- it was a pet. If the rich man had just taken random livestock from the poor man the story would lose a lot of its power. King David's response to the murder of a pet was to put the murderer to death. What has happened in today's society that even Christians don't realize that this is the right response?
I'm not saying we have to use the death penalty, but the penalty should be at least ten years in prison-- in keeping with what we today do to people who commit serious crimes against humans. People who do horrible things to animals are probably going to prey on people too. Any thinking human being recognizes that an animal abuser is a poor excuse for a human being.
That story was told to David to make him repent of sleeping with another man's wife, getting her pregnant and then making sure her husband got killed in battle to cover up the deed. We'd all agree he did some horrible things-- and obviously the Bible puts kidnapping another's pet and killing it right up there with them, or why have Nathan tell that particular story to get David's attention? Nathan convicts David of his sin saying, "You are the man."
God chose to forgive David, to "put away" his sin, but I don't think society has that luxury when it comes to those who kill other people's pets. We have to treat that type of crime seriously, and recognize unashamedly, as David did, that anyone who would do such a thing is not worthy to walk freely among us.

Aug 04, 2010 keep it up
by: Mina

thnx for taking the time to write such a great article and stating facts

Jul 30, 2010 Retribution
by: Josh

I personally feel that what the "human" did to the animal should be done to them as well. If they hold down an animal and shoot them in the eye, they should be held down and shot in the eye. If they hold down an animal and skin them, they should be held down and skinned. If they kill an animal say by decapitation or drawn and quartered, they could hire me to do the EXACT SAME THING TO THEM THAT THEY DID TO THE ANIMAL. We dont need that "human" contaminating this planet, and we are much better off without them. Always remember that God or the gods (whatever you choose to believe) placed the animals of the Earth here first BEFORE humans

Jul 26, 2010 Ohio Is Tired Of Animal Cruelty
by: BJ

Excellent article, our animals were out babies. I don't understand people that abuse animals or their children.

The laws need to be changed everywhere against animal abuse, however this will not stop all people that abuse animals.

Keep writing the articles, so that one day we will see tougher laws against animal abuse.

Jul 25, 2010 State by State Laws
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

Here is the link to check out the laws state by state. I have to decide which state I need to report on next.


Jul 25, 2010 Truly Excellent Article
by: Susan Skeels Sams

Thank you for caring so much and writing it!

Jul 25, 2010 Great story..:)

I absolutely love this writer!
The stories, behind the story are very sad, but this writer is informative and enjoyable to read.
ANIMAL CRUELTY is rampant worldwide..and thats a very sad fact of life in todays world.
Lots of us animal loving people are doing our best everyday to reach more people and keep spreading the news about how the laws need updating or changing..or even new laws brought in.
OHIO it seems has many underlying issues that need resolving.
HUMANE education targetting kids at a young age would be a great start, as kids are often the main offenders, and without punishment or deterrent these same kids will progress on to more killings of innocent animals and then possibly humans.
THANKYOU for your new story..ive enjoyed it, and will follow some of the links youve added to learn more.
Sincerely Jayne 26/7/10

Jul 25, 2010 Education
by: Kathy Jo Ventrano

When are people going to understand the way it works with dogs. They are social animals much like our children, they learn what we teach them. I understand that it used to be ok to chain them in the yard and not think anything of it. However when we know better we need to do better. Every dog that is not socialized and included in the family pack displays behaviors that are not favorable. Would you put a baby in the back yard not teach it anything and expect it to know all of societies rules? They are at our mercy and anyone that rescues animals knows that they are the direct product of their environment. When you spend enough time in rescue you see case after case of horrific abuse and you also see these animals still love us even after the horrors they've seen. Even the ones that don't immediately jump for joy and kiss us for saving them, if given the time to heal in the right environment they too can become whole. I will never undertand why humans expect dogs to be tortured and then are surprised if they show aggression. I consider myself a pretty nice person but if you burn me, shoot me, stab me, starve me... the list goes on, I am pretty sure you would see the aggressive side of me. Why is it so difficult for humans to apply logic when it comes to animals? Even if you don't have love for them can't you still see what is obvious? Like fighting dogs, we never seem to attack the real problem. Pit bulls for example, if some people had their way the earth would not hold a pit bull..what happens when all the pits are gone then we move on to rotties, shepherds, mastives, golden retrievers.. maybe we should attack the real problem............HUMANS. If these dog fighters fought pomeranians would we stand in terror at the next pomeranian we ran across? Why do humans never learn to get straight to the root of a problem and look at the true offender? Maybe instead of locking up child rapists we should just kill the kids that are raped, because you know they are probably going to grow up with agression.

Jul 25, 2010 More severe punishment
by: Anonymous

Animals have feelings..they wag their tail when happy, they yelp or cry out when hurt.
Humans need to pay the correct price for the abuse of these family members...............

Jul 25, 2010 You are so right
by: Tracey (England)

I agree with you totally Elisa. Just look at those dogs faces, I'll bet Sarge never hurt a fly until he ended up with those sicko's who probably beat and abused him the poor old soul; I so hope he spends his last years with a loving caring family.

I'm afraid that there is most definately a strong link between animal abuse and child/people abuse

Below are the last 2 paragraphs I wrote for a post of Michaels recently:

What also concerns me greatly is if people torture animals what would they do to a child if they got the chance? or a vulnerable person?

So next time you see an act of cruelty please report it you could save someones life. Think of John Venables; tortured young animals then moved onto a young innocent child and more recently (thanks to our pathetic laws that seem to care more about the perpetrator than the victim) he is allegedly involved in child pornography. 'Lock him up and throw away the key' springs to mind.

Jul 25, 2010 You'd have been proud
by: Elisa Black-Taylor

The other day they were talking about whether Sarge should be euthanized and I contacted over half of the local paper by email with an article about rehab for abused dogs. They have since made the decision to give Sarge time to heal and then be tested. The Toledo Area Humane Society has him now along with a list of a gillion people offering him a home. He was a very good dog with his former first owners and put thru obedience training. They gave him up because several family members were expecting babies and they were worried about dog/baby interaction. I know they never dreamed a monster would one day own him and try to murder him in a cage.

My main goal in all of this is to show people the connection with animal abuse escalating into people abuse. Some just don't get it.

Jul 25, 2010 Awesome
by: Michael

Awesome post Eliza. I love the way you fight for animals. Although the article is about dogs, as you say, it is also about all animals. PoC is pleased to support your cause.

Michael Avatar

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