Ojos Azules?

Ojos Azules?

by M.Lorenzo

This is

This is "Stripe"

This is my cat Stripe he's nearly 1 year old. He's a big cat, bigger than any of my native cats. We always consider him having a breed because his standing is quite unique from all my previous cats.

This picture was taken when I first bought him home. I found him in a subdivision by accident. He came running after us after we walked by were he was left behind so I caught him and brought him home; his eyes are blue.

In fact everyone just stares at his beautiful blue eyes we always thought he's a red mackerel tabby but we saw the article on this website. we don't really want anything we just want you to look at it.

It's nice to always have a cat whether pedigree or not all my cats are adopted I either found them on the street or on a empty sewage system all the original ones have died already and only the liters remain.

I still have 7 though including Stripe himself. I hope this picture can help you find the mystery of this Ojos Azules cat.

This cat/kitten is probably too young to tell if he is an Ojos Azules as the eyes might change color. Also to truly be an Ojos Azules he will need to satisfy the cat associations which means a pedigree and parentage.

That said Stripe could be an Ojos Azules (informally). Wait a bit and get back in 6 months to see if the eyes are still blue. They should be deep blue.

Stripe is a fine cat whether he is a rare cat breed or not, as you say. Thank you for making his life better.


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