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Old blind cat thrown out. Rescued and rehomed through Facebook — 11 Comments

  1. Blind Cat Sanctuary is in St Pauls NC. It has a huge fan base. BCRS routinely shares posts of abandoned blind cats to help the cats find homes. If that cat was abandoned in Fla then most likely Angela became an advocate to speed matters along.

    I never saw the original post about the kitty.

  2. Nothing is more precious than an old cat. They are a reflection of your love and caring and need to be treasured.
    They should be barred from ever having another pet

  3. This breaks my heart. What a grand elder cat. He is magnificent. I am so happy that he has found a new home.💜💜🐾

  4. I just do not understand how anyone could abandon any animal, yet alone an elderly one.

    FB is a good medium for this, just such a shame it allows the promotion of animal abuse as well as the good stuff.

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