Old blind cat thrown out. Rescued and rehomed through Facebook

This is a happy ending story. Angela Lovin tells us on Facebook that this kitty was thrown out of his home by his owner because he’s too old. We are also told that he is blind by the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. I have a feeling that Angela works for the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

Old blind cat thrown out and now rehomed
Old blind cat thrown out and now rehomed
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Anyway, this kitty was an indoor cat all his/her life but was then dumped, thrown away. Let’s not be surprised because sadly this happens not infrequently. He is a fine looking cat. It was particularly cruel to dump an elderly blind indoor cat. What chance of survival did he have?

We are told that the owner has been reported to the police because it might be a case of animal cruelty. There is probably little chance of a prosecution but at least law enforcement is involved and it can be investigated. The owner has other cats and therefore they are potentially at risk if this is the attitude towards cat ownership that the owner wishes to demonstrate.

Facebook can work fast

The posting that this cat had been abandoned was dated 29th May. On the same date after some vigorous sharing on Facebook and many comments an update was posted to say that an adopter has been found. That’s the power of Facebook at its best. There are many things wrong with Facebook but when it comes to rescuing cats and finding homes it is be the most effective communicator, networking medium on the planet which leads to rescue and rehoming.

We are told that he or she is off the street and safe and being fed. It’s a happy ending cat story. This cat is lucky. For some reason his predicament was picked up by somebody who is familiar with Facebook. There are hundreds of thousands of cats who are not so lucky. Let’s remember them.

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