‘Old Pair of Nail Clippers’ – Your heart will sink when you read and see this

The picture of the bandages is below the picture of the cat.

Kitten declawed with blunt nail clippers
Kitten declawed with blunt nail clippers
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bloody bandages after declawing a cat and some fur
Bloody bandages after declawing a cat and some fur

The vet used an old pair of nail clippers to declaw this cat…What can you say? You just have to grieve and be angry and sad. The vet should be removed from his job. That’s obvious but he’ll go on to brutalize more kittens. Pure criminal behavior in my book. And my standards are those of hundreds of millions of people.

P.S. I know it is hard to look at this sort of picture. I believe we have to and we have to continue to fight relentlessly and persistently against declawing and all forms of cat abuse.

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8 thoughts on “‘Old Pair of Nail Clippers’ – Your heart will sink when you read and see this”

  1. I have a pair of rusty, blunt, filthy od secateurs in my shed. I will take 1st place in the queue please to help the vet learn how declawing improves the life of the cat.

    All curses on earth, please fall on that vet.

  2. Knowing all these things makes my heart bleed. The only way to end these brutal procedures is to permanently abolish the practice of declawing. Do illegal declawing operations exist in the UK, and countries where it is outlawed? 😱


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